Sunday, July 31, 2016

The DNC!

Yes the 2016 DNC ended with the nomination of a woman by a major American political party which is historic. Only America pats itself on the back for things other nations have been doing for years and years. But whatever. Hillary Clinton, as a choice, is so far above the white supremacist Russian operative the other side decided to push forward as their standard bearer that it isnt even debatable. But onward, and the DNC is over. And it had its moments indeed. Just the pure star power of each convention was such a contrast. It was like watching a high school production of To Kill A Mockingbird with the black guy being the bad guy on one side while Broadway goes all out to tell the real story on the other side. Anyway here are the Top 10 moments I took from watching one helluva lot of an event I honestly find quite redundant.

10) Debbie Wasserman Schultz disappears.

Even her, she of the tin ear and the 1919 Black Sox mentality, knew she had to go away. For DWS, gaveling in the coronation of her BFF, Hillary , had to be something she yearned for. However, her Nixon like 1972 paranoia that her buddy would actually lose to a 74 year old socialist, took her down. And it should have. She is the very thing the Bernie Bots hate about politics. And though the Bernie Bots are not only naive and some are 100 proof anarchists, her head is the offering. Lets hope her career is over. Please.

9) Bernie Sanders Speaks

Bernie is still Bernie. He's a crusty old man with beliefs and principles that goddammit he's gonna tell you whether you like it or not. And he does. Wanna know what I believe? Listen to Senator Sanders. His speech was perfect. And it concluded with a call to arms against a White Supremacist Russian operative.

8) Jennifer Granholm

She cant run for President because she was born in Canada. You know, like Ted Cruz, who can run for President. But she can yell and holler and show the passion any candidate should show. Hillary aint Jennifer. Jennifer aint Hillary. Hey wow, not all women are alike. Take note, Republicans.

7) The Mothers Of The Movement

9 moms got up who had lost sons to gun violence. Police gun violence. Redneck gun violence. Gang gun violence. Of course, to the Republicans, this was an attack on cops. To anyone else with a room temp IQ and a low level of bigotry, this was an attack on gun violence. As long as cowards with guns continue to make it their FIRST response, this will continue. To not be moved by these women is to be dead inside. Right, Sean Hannity?

6) Bernie Boo Birds

To the true believers, I say this, you cant win every time. In fact to stay true to your beliefs is admirable. However, at some point, you have to adhere to the lesser evil. And sometimes its not even that evil. Like now. To boo Bernie Sanders at a rally for being an adult shows what children some of you are. The anarchists in the hall, who were there simply to be seen and get attention, were out of line many times. Booing a fucking General? Screaming during a moment of silence? Fuck off. Some day, you may learn it will very seldom work out in your favor. My basement is full of placards and signs advocating a President McGovern and Hart and Jackson and Church and Dean and Brown and Anderson and oh yeah, Obama. See? Now and then you get what you want. But we all know that the far right and the far left are the same. Jackasses and Elephants kicking down the barn just because thats what they do. Grow the fuck up.

5) Bill Clinton

For those, like me, who thought the Big Dog was looking sick, and out of touch, and over the hill, man were we wrong. Bill Clinton gave a speech so wonderful, like a fine storyteller, that it had me swooning again. I was in love again. The big lug, c'mere and gimme a hug. The "I met a girl" line was so great, despite the open ended jokes by less creative types, and the outrage shown by somebody whose sense of humor is not only strange but non existent, Rachel Maddow, he sjould use it all the fucking time. To those of us who thought Bill Clinton would be a liability, damn, we are wrong again. Get out there man. And stick that I met a girl line right in their faces. Insert not creative joke ere.

4) Joe Biden

Damn I wanted Joe Biden to run. I wanted to vote FOR Joe Biden. I love Joe Biden. Can Joe Biden debate Trump? But Joe Biden said two things that make me love Joe Biden.

"He says he cares about the middle class, give me a break, thats a bunch of malarkey"...........Translation---Give me a fucking break, thats a bunch of bullshit"

The guy doesn’t have a clue about the middle class. Not a clue — period”

Did I mention how much I love Joe Biden?

3) The Obamas

Nobody doubts Barack Obama's call to action. "Dont boo, vote" was pure White Obama.

"I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman — not me, not Bill, nobody — more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America" Black Barack took over there.

He was masterful as usual. Third term anyone?

But Michelle Obama was the star of that family. Oh yeah, I forgot she mentioned the fact that the White House was built by slaves sending that old man Bill O'Reilly into white people defense mode. And other Republican bitters into white people defense mode. We know the other side is very uncomfortable with facts.

Michelle Obama's a speech was brilliant, patriotic, rousing speech, Too bad the racists on the other side will never be able to get past the arms and the skin color. Seriously. it really is too bad.

2) Sarah Silverman

To the Bernie or Bust people. you're being ridiculous.........Mic drop. Boom. Over. This woman turned this convention around. She did. And the great thing about it? It HAD to be done.

1) Khizr Khan

The father of a kid who died in Iraq fighting for his nation calling out a white supremacist Russian Operative. This was THE moment that had me tearing up. Not the Hillary speech. Not the Gabby Giffords speech. THIS is the one. A humble man and his wife, going through the worst pain imaginable, calling out a fuckstick like Trump on national TV. I wanted to see Shatner screaming Khaaaaaaaan. Trumps supporters are too stupid to realize the knockout punch this was. What does the white supremacist say? Who cares? Fuck Donald Trump.

The work begins. To deny a creep like Trump even getting close to the White House is paramount to the survival of this nation. He not only has to be beaten, he has to be crushed ike no other. Oh, I know it wont happen, the crushing like no other, since white supremacy still holds dear even in the Northern conclaves of genetic Republicanism. Shit, I live in one of those places. Where an R next to your name makes it impossible for a substantial number of genetic Republicans to mark anyone else. But Trump will lose. And I guess thats really all that matters.


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