Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cruz Control!

Ok to be truthful, I didnt watch any of it.

But I guess Ted Cruz (R-Canada) refused to endorse the Clown, went on 15 minutes over his time, in effect endorsed Hillary, and got booed by the lynch mob masquerading as delegates.

I now admire Ted Cruz (Devil-Cuba) , in the same way I admire Lori Petty in Orange is the New Black. They are both crazy, but both dont back down on their craziness. And they dont take shit from insulting clowns with the brains of a 5 year old.

Ted Cruz (Squidward-Tx) found it impossible to back down to this hay haired maniac. The man who insulted his wife, his father and his manhood was not be bargained with. So Ted Cruz went all in with the bet that the Reality Show Phony would lose big in November. This opens the party up to Terrible Ted.

Oh never mind the lynch mob booing Ted Cruz (Poker Face-Tx), it means zilch. No matter the talk of him destroying his career. Dont mind the Dumbfuck comments of The Quitta From Wasilla. It means nothing.

These same idiots booing tonite will be cheering Ted 2 in four years because they dont care about anything but now. And now is a jackbooted turd from Queens with a foul mouth and a ten cent brain. 4 years from now will be the time for a foreign born nose licker with a message even worse than Trumps.

By the way, my admiration for Cruz only goes so long. Fuck Ted 2020.

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