Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day One!

Day one of Nuremberg on the Erie.

A mother of a man killed at Benghazi, cuz Hillary Clinton didn't become Wonder Woman or something, spoke to a crowd of meat grinding ignoramuses about how pissed off she was. Still. Ok, maam, I get it, you are angry your son died at Benghazi and you must blame someone. But to be used by a convention full of C list celebrities, a lynch mob of creeps who want Hillary hanged or shot or I guess "locked Up", is not becoming you. Seriously, maam, I feel your grief, I really do, but your "savior" doesnt give jack shit about your son or you. He proved it by phoning in to Fox News in the middle of your speech. What a waste of grieving energy.

A band of white guys played Motown hits all night long in between speakers and delegates danced and it was embarrassing. You may entertain the folks down at the club showing how hip you are waving your arms to I'll Be There, but on national TV, you just make yourselves look like privileged jackoffs.

A roll call was almost forced by the semblance of sane Republicans in the hall who know that their presumptive nominee is an amateur proto-fascist unfit to serve as a public servat anywhere in the world. It failed, barely, but it failed.

Two guys who survived Benghazi, who looked like the dictionary definition of gun humpers, spoke as one and made a tampon joke. A sign of things to come.

A former kiddie star, Chachi, spoke on making America America again (translation-white), and spent a good portion of his time defending his reference to Hillary as a cunt was justified.

A sheriff from Milwaukee, a black man, defended the killing of an unarmed handcuffed black man, and the lynch mob cheered.

A former lieutenant general, who Obummer shitcanned for advocating invading Syria and Iran, could not stop recognizing people yelling at him, like a bad stand up comic. He also led a cheer of "Lock Her Up" like a overactive teenaged cheerleader. Lock Her Up? For what?

And then, Melania. Introduced by a reality show clown emerging from a fog to an overused Queen song (bet they were thrilled) like some WWE phony, Melania walked out, scared shitless, and did the air kiss thing with the man she has to endure. She then proceeded to Eva Gabor her way thru a speech that sounded vaguely familiar. And of course it was. The people who hate everything Obama, who call Michelle "Moochelle" or worse, cheered Melania's words like they were hearing Slovenia Jesus.

I dont care about Melania Trump. She did what she had to do. And it was fine. At least she spoke about things positive. No "lock her up" or calling Hillary a cunt, or saying the word Bennnnnnnn ghaaaaaa zeeeee. Melania Trump took shit because her clown husband made her take shit. So lay off.

But the moment of Monday took place off stage when Representative Steve King (White Supremacist-Ia) decided to give us his anthropological views on World History. Basically saying white people number one, other sub groups are sub-human, King destroyed himself in every sense of the word, except in the district of Iowa that the knuckle draggers dominate. King showed what most of those old white people dancing to Just My Imagination on the floor of that arena believe. White people are oppressed, white people are smarter than others, white people are nicer, white people invent stuff, white people are the movers and shakers, and white people keep order.

Steve King is wrong of course. To believe the white is right argument, you have to believe Steve King is genetically superior. Watch that interview. Steve King is living proof that just aint so. Now back to waving my arms to I Heard It Thru The Grapevine, written and performed by WHO????

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