Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day Two!

Night 2 of Nuremberg on Erie.

The weirdest moment may have been Paul Ryan (Hypocrite-Wi) standing onstage during a break talking to some black dude in a cowboy hat while the wedding band played Shake Your Booty as old white delegates again shook their arms and moved their hips without moving their feet. The networks were captivated by Ryan's throwing his arms around and laughing at virtually everything black guy in cowboy hat said. Or maybe a black guy in a cowboy hat just amuses him as much as it does me.

Bald headed jackhammer Dana White, who runs some legalized version of assault and battery, hollered something about everyone asking what the hell is he doing there? Or better yet, who the hell ARE you?

Some NRA guy, a true terrorist, loudly claims that the National Child Murder and Kill The Queers Rifle Association is the "oldest civil rights organization" in America. Hey, fuck off, you suit and tied psychopathic jihadist. Go fuck your gun again you immoral hump.

Uh oh, its gone from being laugh your ass off funny to me getting angry again. Goddamit.

Governor Chris Christie (Bridge Closer-NJ), see I can show respect for a fat prick, gave the speech of the night. As unhinged as it may have become by the endless chanting of the lynch mob in attendance, Christie laid out a perfectly sane case for throwin Hillary into fake prison. Unfortunately all those dim witted drunks in attendance heard was "Hillary" and "guilty or not guilty" so of course they threw out the guilty and looked for a minority to hang just like in the good old days. Now Christie's "case" was flawed and ridiculous, at least it was based somewhat in reality and not yeah uhhhhhhhhhh throw her in prison cuz like uhhhhhhhh Hannity said it.

Another Trump took the stage. Tiffany Trump, ya know the one who had great legs as a baby but not sure about the uh uh (put hands in front of chest). Tiffany Trump, who nobody knew existed until she was needed for Trump's con game. Tiffany Trump may be a nice gal, a great person, but for chrissakes her face is so distracting with that Trump mouth and that Maples head. I have no idea what she said.

Then came the biggest asshole in the Trump family, and that is saying something. It's exotic animal murderer Donnie Trump Junior. Donnie, whose business experience is mostly limited to shaking his head in a yes manner after his reality show clown father "fires" someone, came out to much hoopla. What was shocking is that Donnie seems to have inherited his father tiny body parts. In the Clown's case its his tiny little fingers, in Donnie's case its his tiny little head. Donnie proceeded to rip elitism and private schools, in a sense ripping his own privileged life. Donnie Junior, so tin eared he has no problem posing with dead animals he has just murdered, is the epitome' of the trust fund baby. No talent, no morality, no scruples and no brains. I hope to god an elephant stomps this prick someday.

Finally it was Sleepy Time. No I didnt go to sleep like I should have, it was time for Doctor Ben Carson, again proving operating on your own noggin is not a good idea. Carson, perhaps low dosed on Ambien, and probably with marching orders from Sarah Palin, brought up the name Saul Alinsky. Now nobody and I mean nobody on that floor knows who Saul Alinsky was but they do know Queen Sarah says it regularly so it must be a bad name. Seems Hillary once met Saul Alinsky and wrote a thesis on him and Saul Alinsky once quoted Lucifer in the foreword of one of his books so therefore, Hillary likes Lucifer. And that means Hillary wants to take God off the money and has a red tail and horns and Doctor Ben is batshit crazy when he's tired. Which is always.

Day Two prompts one question. Since the theme was Make America Work Again, where was the economic talk? Unemployment half of what it was 8 years ago, Dow Jones 2 1/2 times higher than 8 years ago. Hmmmmm..........Bennnnnnnnnnnnnnn ghaaaaaaaaaaaa zeeeeeeeeee!

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