Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bad Week!

Look I dont know if Gretchen Carlson, valedictorian, Stanford grad, Fox News dimwit, is all that stupid or not. She could have been playing a role for all I know. Be dumb so to appeal to the dumb people who watch Fox News. No idea. But I do know one thing about Gretchen Carlson. She is smart enough to sue the fuck out of Jabba the Hut and start the ball rolling on the demise of that Playboy Channel of "News" with its leg cam and glass desks and overhead shots and back slapping sexual harassers that make up its male cast. Oh I know Fox News will never go away as long as bitter old white people exist, but to see it dragged into court will be so great. Bitter old white female Fox Viewers will throw their hands at the television and call the plaintiffs whores and closet libs and harlots and bitter old white men will say yeah yeah and replace Gretchen Carlson in their spank bank with Ainsley Earhardt. This could be good, and like Trump, it wont matter what happens. Conservatives are incapable of accepting reality. Keep tellin me what I wanna hear.

This is a week from hell.

1) When you get to be my age, people start to die of shit not involving guns or car wrecks or falling off ladders they shouldn't be on. People start to die of diseases. People start to get sick and it doesnt end well. Somebody I knew real well for 50 years died this week. He had a diagnosed lung cancer for 5 weeks before he went. And yes, he had dropped off my radar for a long while because of things I really knew nothing about and some thing I did know about. Alcoholism I did know about. It ruined him. It turned a fried of mine into someone I never wanted to be around. Then there was mental illness. Something I suspected but never knew for sure. When you go to a service for someone like this, a friend you knew and then didnt, you really learn a lot about what happened. The depression, the group homes, the inability to live a normal life, the suicide attempts, the knowledge that at age 50 you would never be normal and had to live with people 25 years older than you in assisted living facilities. What the hell? I never knew any of this because it was never shared. All I knew was that an alcoholic former buddy was simply someone I need not associate with any longer. I refused to be an enabler. But I didnt see the deeper layers of this guy. For that I feel a bit guilty.

2) Watching the execution of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in St Paul made me angry again. Much like what I swear was a tape of a group of people killing Eric Garner on Staten Island, or Mario Woods in San Francisco, or Christian Taylor in Arlington, Texas, or Samuel DuBose in Cincinnati, or Walter Scott in South Carolina, or Eric Harris in Tulsa, or Jerame Reid in New Jersey, or Tamir Rice in Cleveland, or Laquan McDonald in Chicago, or John Crawford in Ohio, or Oscar Grant at Fruitvale Station, but apparently did not see, the shootings of Castile and Sterling are just another example of what cops get away with. Tough job? Yep. A license to kill? Nope. And police apologists will continue to justify anything that cops do because of that split second decision bullshit they come up with. The they have a right to go home to their families bullshit they endlessly spew. The he was going for a gun crap that justifies anything. Now I admit I have a problem with the behavior of police due to experiences in my past, and I'm a white guy. But to be black and under siege because of your skin color is something I cannot understand. And stop with the color has nothing to do with it crap. It does. Everybody just put down your self delusion for a second and fucking admit it. Black people scare you. Brown people scare you. Muslims scare you, gays people scare you, anybody not like you scares you, or at least makes you uncomfortable. It is becoming a bubble country where the choice to live isolated and only hear what you want to hear is easy now. I work with black people, with Hispanics, with Muslims, with gays. I dont like them all and some dont care for me either. But I do like a lot of them. And I am not afraid to ask questions most people wouldn't bother to ask out of thinking they would be rude, or are scared of the answer. Trust me, most of these people, with good jobs and families just like the rest of us, have horror stories about cops, or bigots, or ignoramuses. What it must be like to earn money working, buy a new car, and get stopped by the police on the way home from the dealer because he didnt think a person of your color could afford a new car and must have stolen it. What it must be like to have a co worker tell you to take off that headdress so you could hear what she said. What it must be like to have the police stop you and demand citizenship papers when you were fucking born in Fremont, Nebraska which the last time I looked was in "real america". What it must be like to have the police follow you home from a bar, stop you and your spouse, and openly laugh when you say that he is my husband. So I get it, and dont get it. All are stories Ive heard from co workers and actually witnessed. So yeah it's a "tough job". Just try not being an asshole which I am pretty sure is not in the job description.

3) Dallas is a horrible thing. The summary execution of 5 officers by a whack job loser angry at the world, oh stop with the angry over Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shit, this guy had issues we will never know about, is just another week in the life of America. In a state where nuts walk around with rifles slung over their shoulders just because they enjoy being pricks, to have this happen must be fucking normal. 5 Cops killed by a mentally ill person with a gun. I dont give a shit about the gun argument right now, I just give a damn that people with mental illnesses are ignored (see above) and left to fend for themselves because this country lacks the foresight to do a fucking thing about anything anymore. Whether it be to fix a bridge, or fix a road, or to take care of the sick and hopeless, this nation simply does nothing. And now 5 police officers are needlessly dead and 7 others are laying in hospitals because of this close the barn door after the violence has occurred mentality. Do nothing! Zilch. It'll go away soon enough. Just make sure the right to bear arms is maintained.

4) Politicians who use the shootings, no the executions of civilians by cops, or the execution of cops by civilians, to further an agenda, or make meaningless bullshit statements need to be dealt with. And by dealt with I mean fucking ignored, or thrown the hell out of office. Whether its the moron who holds the lieutenant governor office in Texas, or a loser deadbeat ex congressman from Illinois, or a corporate hack Democratic candidate for President, just PLEASE SHUT UP! None of you will do anything, you just talk and talk and quite frankly, bore the hell out of me. Next week will be more of the same. Mass murders will happen and these same people will say the same thing and NOTHING will be done. Because nothing is what America demands. No new taxes, no new anything. One side wants to return to the 1950's and the other side wants to be Sweden. And no compromise is in order or you are a sell out or a racist or a coward.

5) Multitask. Please. Become angry over all things unjust. Whether it be cops being murdered by a crazy man, or innocents being murdered by the cops. It is possible to be outraged over both. And I understand most people are. But these loudmouths that dominate cable news because it gets ratings have to go away. Shouting matches between pissed off black men and angry white police union heads who think all shootings are a-ok with him get us no place. I turn the channel. A lot. Hillary Clinton and her stock response to the police murders in Dallas made me want to vomit also. I cant take it anymore. Us regular folks are getting lost in this narcissistic bullshit fed by cable news. Stop putting these idiots on the air. Or at least take control and tell somebody hey there, you are full of shit instead of saying we'll have to leave it there" after some knucklehead says something 100% untrue.

I do not look forward to this week. Or any other week to be honest.

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