Sunday, July 17, 2016

Baton Rouge!

I would not like to be a police officer today. I'd feel hunted, hated and a target of every mentally ill gun humper in the country. Baton Rouge Police felt this today as another loser with access to a gun decided to go from Kansas City to Baton Rouge on his birthday to target cops because the voices in his head told him to. Yeah, it wasn't Obama, or Trump, or Baton Rouge police or St Paul cops or Dallas cops or Dallas crazies or Alton Sterling or anybody. It was his own mental illness that told him to do this. No politician has that power. Let's get that fucking straight right now.

But politicians do have the power to fund mental illness hospitals and centers to help get this threat off the streets. But, as usual, these pricks do nothing. In fact they do nothing to the point that even selling guns to mentally ill time bombs is ok with them cuz of freedom.

Yes, I'd hate to be a police officer today or tomorrow. But ya know what else?

I'd hate to be poor, black and powerless today or tomorrow also. Stay inside. Cuz cops trigger fingers are itchy, itchier than usual. And the poor and the black are a target also.

Today, The President had to step up to a microphone for the 16th time in his 7 1/2 years to address a mass shooting in this country. Man, he just HAS to be sick of it. So sick of it he cant wait to get the fuck out and throw his hands in the direction of the Capitol, the den of do nothingism full of some of worst human beings on the planet Earth. Leave it to Hillary. Let her deal with the weekly death toll. While Congress does absolutely nothing. Look, I know that guns are never going away and as far as Congress is concerned if you got the money honey and openly state your intent to kill cops or gays or women or whatever, you get that firearm free and clear in 10 minutes tops. This HAS to stop for fucks sake.

The next week will be tough. The rhetoric that will come from those vipers in Cleveland is going to be puke inducing. But still, it's coming, Hell, Trump has already blamed Obama. I can only imagine what bottom dwellers like Steve King (Dumbfuck-Ia) or Ted Cruz (Nose Licker-Canada) are going to spew. I shiver.

The people who dont get what Black Lives Matter means will be out in force with their clueless All Lives Matter bullshit. And the Black Lives Matter people who also dont get what it means will be out in force also.

Stay away from Cleveland.

But look at that man up there . A policeman that a mentally ill man with a gun took away from a lot of people today. That man had a right to live, a right to make a living, a right to be safe. As did Alton Sterling and Eric Garner and scores of others.

Calm down America. You want to blame someone for this? Look at your fucking congress critter. And anyone else with the power to do something yet choose to do nothing. These are the ones to blame, Not each other.

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