Sunday, August 14, 2016

Stop Telling Us The Truth!!!

As the Trump campaign implodes, or as Trump makes absolutely sure he loses, only the true believers are now going to his rallies. Respectable Republicans, oh yeah there are plenty, are beginning to understand that defending this guy is pointless and he is truly a trainwreck, are now staying away from Trump rant fests and leaving the only constituency Trump has left to attend. People even Trump wants nothing to do with, yet craves the attention so much as a hand job to his fragile ego, are flocking to his crap fests and letting their true feelings be known. You have your racists, your sexists, your homophobes, your genetic Republicans and your old bitter white people who cannot stand being told the truth. It's the old blame the messenger defense. As Maxwell Smart used to say, I asked you not to tell me that.

As Trump becomes more and more irrelevant, more and more crazy, more and more appealing to a niche crowd who will love his message of bullshit, these Trump rallies are getting dumber and dumber and who even thought that possible?

Obama founded ISIS. The press are liars. The fix is in. Crooked Hillary blah blah blah. The truly dumb buy it all because "their" country is gone. The white privilege is still there and these idiots are too dumb to enjoy what few years of it they have left. Blacks on TV being all rude and shit. Hispanics in their hoods fixing roofs. Homos running around ruining their lousy marriages somehow. Whatever happened to nice polite white society? You know, like that guy above.

Trump is trying to lose. We all know that. He was a joke from the start. A joke that went very wrong. Back in 2015, 17 egomaniacal Republicans felt they were the way to eliminate blacks from the White House. Trump's dumb loudmouth racist uncle character then got 20-30% of the vote every Tuesday, eliminating the others one by one until only Trump's dumb guy persona and a crazy Canadian whack job was left. Nice going Republicans. That 2012 autopsy, telling Republicans to make an attempt to appeal to blacks and hispanics, never took into account what lies beneath the surface. Since 1964, a grimy undertone has always been the Republican base, Yeah its only been 20-30% of the voters but not strong enough to overcome the hand picked candidates chosen by the country club set intent on keeping their money away from the big bad government, who would take it and give it to the unwashed. As long as you had a Nixon, or a Reagan, or a Bush, a Dole, or a McCain or a Romney, no Buchanan or Trump or Bachmann could ever last beyond a few months. But, when you have 17 splitting it all up, and Trump's 20-30% grows as the bandwagon jumpers come aboard, you have made a major error in judgement.

Trump came onboard calling Mexicans "rapists", calling for "law and order", code for keeping the blacks in their place, banning Muslims from entering the country "until we can figure out what's going on" and generally shooting off his mouth like a drunk at a state fair who just saw a mixed race couple minding their own business.

Yep, you get what you have been asking for for 52 years and now you cant handle it. Hey "those people" weren't actually supposed to get any real power. They were supposed to make a lot of noise then fall back into line to support whatever stiff we chose. Get em back in line with the abortion bullshit, the anti gay shit, the never fails gun grabber garbage, man these people are dumb. But this time it backfired. The idiots you took for granted won. Now deal with it, Reince.

Hillary is going to crush them. And as Trump descends into his self destructive madness, intent on losing and getting back to hosting TV shows and screwing over contractors , these people will lose interest. Knowing Trump is a looooo-zerrrrr, many of these people will stay home. They will be content to sit in their houses and bitch. Turn on the talk radio, keep the Fox News looping 24/7 and not vote. What's the point? My guy said it was rigged. And only the truly dangerous will be left.

Hell. I hope this happens. Stay the fuck home, Trumpites. Then the Democrats win. And your version of America nobody wants goes away for good.

And to that man above. You are hilarious. Go home and fret. Hey and dont forget to enjoy that Social Security money and the Medicare most of us dont have. Yeah socialism sucks.

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