Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pigs And Bikers!

Nothing both cracks me up yet infuriates me more than Iowa. Iowa's obsession with agriculture and its pigs just floors me. Hey, I lived there a couple of years way back when and trust me, I know of what I speak cuz nothing has changed since I was there in 1979-81. Terry Branstad had a dark mustache and was lieutenant governor back then.Chuck Grassley was only 80 years old or so and about to get swept into the United States Senate back then. So in 2016 nothing has changed about Iowa. Branstad is still the Pope of Iowa and Grassley is running again at age 115 or whatever and he will be re elected because like I said, NOTHING ever changes in Iowa. See now I'm getting infuriated because I see the Wicked Witch of Pork Products, Joni Ernst, in her mom jeans sans witches hat. I know she will be re elected forever and I also see the wild eyed bigot, Steve King, sans his hood. And I know HE will re elected ad nauseum.

But the wannabe Bigot In Chief came to the annual Iowa Roast N Ride yesterday, again with that goofy hat, to dazzle 1800 white folks with his views on race and pigs and hand gestures. Hey man, you cannot get ANY whiter than this crowd of pork enthusiasts and bike riders who all show up on their Harleys without helmets and wearing shorts cuz of freedom!

Donald J Trump, loser, a man who earlier in the day had attempted to take advantage of a murder in Chicago of a young mother of 4 pushing a baby stroller down the street by tweeting out a VOTE TRUMP request to "African Americans", flip flopped again on immigration because his white crowd of pig eating bikers wouldnt stand for any "pivoting" on easing up on them Mexicans they all want deported. Trump bellowed that within one hour of his taking the oath of office with his hand on one of his books he would begin deporting all the illegals which of course drew a loud cheer and a Steve King boner. Ernst stood there with that creepy smile nodding her head and stifling a cackle. Pope Branstad the First and Last, actually a reasonable man, stood there with a goofy hat on his head, presumably to hide his face, and gently moved farther and farther away from Trump as The Loser In Chief ranted on and on the 1800 chain walleted Trumpers made nooses.

Trump, again speaking to 1800 whiter than white alleged farmers, hollered about race and how much he wants the black vote and how he will get the black vote. Yeah, and the Martian vote and at least two of your 5 family members votes.

But the meat, the pork so to speak, of his speech is immigration. Cuz those alleged farmers hate those Mexicans who all come over the border just to sell drugs and murder white women and speak funny in their presence. Trump rolls his eyes under that goofy hat and gestures wildly as he gizzes up the Iowans who really want to get rid of the foreigners and eat a pig sandwich and get back on their bikes and ride around with no helmet cuz of freedom! What was that he said 24 hours ago? Pivoting? This really IS a joke, right?

But the real infuriating part is Trumps exploitation of a family that is still coming to grips with a tragedy that took their daughter from them the night she graduated college here in Omaha. The Roots, a family whose daughter, Sarah, was killed, not "murdered", but killed by a drunken Honduran illegal who slammed into her car at 2am. The Honduran was booked and released on bail and took off. Nobody knows where he is. The whole thing is a fuck up of monumental proportions. But Trump, a man so self possessed he takes advantage of any tragedy to further his own egomaniacal joke of a candidacy, brought that family onstage, AGAIN, to use them as his own personal see I am right people.

God knows no American ever gets drunk, gets in a car, and kills anyone. No American ever shoots an innocent woman pushing a stroller down the street. Damn, this horrible man is getting to me again. And speaking in a state full of self righteous inferiority complexed nothing ever changes white "farmers" about blacks and hispanics and how he's going to "help" them is just nothing more than wrong. None of that crowd of 1800 gives two shits about blacks or Hispanics other than they dont want to be around them. And dont forget to cash those welfare,errrrrr, subsidy checks there,sport.

Fuck Donald Trump. Like Iowa, that will also never change.

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