Sunday, August 7, 2016

Two Reactions, No Three!

One last thing here. Notice the difference in stage rushes? When Trump had some nut rush his stage from behind he reacted as most of us would. He about shit his pants. I said at the time it was time for this flim flammer to just stop cuz someone is going to die. Well it hasnt happened yet, thank goodness, but this kind of attention grabbing loser is out there. Looking for a national presence to justify their loserdom.

It happened again this week in Nevada to Hillary. Animal rights protesters rushed Hillary in some sort of scream for attention. Look at the difference. Oh yeah she looked puzzled but the woman didnt flinch. She even had to presence of mind to quip about Trump's animal murdering sons. Why were these assholes rushing HER again?

The woman is fearless. The man is concerned about #1 only. You make the choice based on just those two reactions.

Hey neither one was as ballsy as Mayor Sly James of Kansas City. He looked at a stage rushing fool like he was going to put him over his knee and spank the motherfucker. Sly James is THE man.

I'd ask him to run for President but the nation is going to have to absorb a chick president next. To make America accept yet another black dude would be just too much. The nation would crumble into a nation crying little bitches. More so than we already are.

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