Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tuesday And I'm Thinkin Again!

My father spent 45 years in the stock game. From stock broker to account executive to financial planner he always said all those titles were bullshit. I'm a salesman he'd proclaim, almost proudly. The other two things my old man said in his 45 years pushing stocks on a daily basis was "stock market goes up, stock market goes down" and of course, "I was just about to call you" whenever one of his panicky investors would call and interrupt his newspaper reading.

The stock market plunged the last two days after Wall Street realized we have a goddamned maniac running the country. Just a warning. To those of us versed in history, we know, that when Republicans get control and cut taxes to the rich and run up the debt what inevitably happens is 1929, 1987, 2007 and perhaps 2018. The fucking market crashes bigley and regular people suffer. My 401K lost 40% in 2007-2008 thanks to the permanent tax cuts passed by the Cheney Administration and I havent really recovered. Others can say the same thing.

Beware, America. The third thing my Dad said was "Democrats are good for the market, Republicans are bad for the market". The stats prove him correct. Abortion dont mean jack on Wall Street. Unless they are aborting your investments. Vote accordingly.

The Blabberer in Chief went off to some manufacturing plant in Ohio to get his huge ego and tiny hands a workout. Speaking in front of some of the blindest and most brainwashed cultists, oh lets face it, white racists, the "Billionaire" in Chief told these idiots what they wanted to hear, Gus Greatest Hits tour. He's not "braggadocio" , he loves workers (and the poorly educated), no black radicals football players kneeled at the Super Bowl for which he took credit, how one side of the aisle went crazy at his SOTU speech while the other side sat on their hands which is "Un American" and when some poorly educated idiot loudmouth worker hollered "treasonous" the Fascist in Chief shrugged and said "why not?".

I'll tell ya why not, Felon to Be in Chief.

No I wont. What I will say is the imbecile who yelled that at the rally should move to fucking North Korea if he wants to worship a Dear Leader. Cultists like the cretin who hollered "treasonous" about someone who thinks the Lazy Asshole in Chief can say nothing that should not be worshiped and written in a tiny tiny book even Trump's tiny hands can get a grip on should get it over with and drink the cyanide that inevitably will come to his lips.

Tom Brady threw for over 500 yards in the Super Bowl. He was virtually unstoppable. The only problem was Nick Foles was better. So to tell me Brady is done is asinine. Congratulations to The Eagles. Max was ecstatic.

Then white Philadelphians took to the streets to act like assholes. Smashing windows and overturning cop cars. All in good fun, right? Imagine had the vast majority of the revelers been black. Think about it. Be honest. What would have happened? You know the answer.

Finally, reality hit us all in the face on Monday when Max's Mom's Mom passed away in her sleep. Sally had a tough life, indeed. She survived aneurysms and cancer and heart attacks before her body and spirit just wore out. Though not without her flaws, as we all have, Sally was one tough broad. She suffered no fools and took no shit the last few years of her life. Sally became my pseudo Mom after my Mom, another tough broad (sorry Mom), passed away. So long Sal Gal. You were one of a kind!

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