Sunday, February 14, 2016

Step Right Up!

Apparently the Republican lurch into Wrestlemania has now taken an even bigger lurch as even the crowd of screeching goats that make up the audience decided to start hollering and booing and acting like a gang of boors much like their candidates. That display of buffoonery last night in South Carolina was in my mind, disgraceful. With a stage filled with 4 children, an adult and a sleepwalker, this crowd of well dressed rednecks decided to boo and screech and roll their eyes back in to their head whenever somebody not to their liking tried to speak. Now I am not a fan of PDA's (Public Displays of Asshole-ery) and thus this 2 hour version of American politics was particularly painful, like being punched in the brain by some meathead.

When Donald Trump makes sense and states the first facts of his campaign and a crowd full of snake handlers boo lustily I can only wonder what have we become? When a moderator weakly calls out a Canadian interloper onstage for lying and a crowd of Noah fans screams for his head, oh not the lying Canadian but the moderator stating facts, what have we become? It is South Carolina, the place that decided to start the treason in 1861, so perhaps I can cut it some slack for the genetic mutation that permeates that state, but booing facts?

When a robotic like jug eared pretty boy continually thinks he's running against a guy leaving office, and gets into a I speak Spanish and you don't tiff with a Canadian, while standing between a well know bigot, what the hell is going on?

When a dullard named Bush seems more worried about what his Mommy will think than what matters and gets accused of wanting to moon a crowd by a carnival barker, all he can do is drop his jaw and look perplexed, what the hell have we become? Of course, the proper reaction would have been to drop his mike and go over and beat the shit out of the reality show host right there, but again, what would Mommy think?

When the adult in the room, the esteemed Goldman Sachs killer, and current Governor of Ohio, seems unable to reason with the day care, despite being a right wing kook himself, what is going on?

When the sleepy doc makes up some quote from Joe Stalin, and starts a twitter hashtag (#AsStalinOnceSaid) and is so out of it nobody even cares, what is going on?

The Republicans have become a WWE sideshow. It is to be expected when the front runner is a guy most comfortable pretending to be what he isn't and the others are befuddled by the crowd he draws. The Republicans have become a circus of tight rope walkers and creepy clowns. Good lord, I dont wanna hear that party of Abe Lincoln bullshit any longer. Even the corpse of Reagan, ass kissed by a certain programmed computer with a mouth, would be ready to say wellllllll, what the fuck, I'm outta here.

It's a circus, folks. Where's PETA when you need them?

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