Sunday, January 7, 2018


This "Interview' with a talking toadstool named Stephen Miller lasted over 12 minutes yet all you need to see is the last 30 seconds. Miller spent 12 minutes with Trumps dick in his mouth calling him a "genius", attacking CNN, and generally doing exactly as Tapper said, trying to please one viewer.

To those who criticize CNN or MSNBC or whoever for bring these grunting toads on are missing the point. We dont watch Fox or Fox and Friends where these ass kissing soulless creeps live and breathe, being asked questions they already have seen. We watch other networks that sane people watch. To see these liars in action is essential. They are in power and refusing to admit that is suicide. We must see them and see their idiotic spewing of Trump vomit, Nazi bile and racist dog whistles, We have to. Or we dont get angry and we dont vote.

I applaud CNN and Jake Tapper for doing this interview. This tiny con artist must be seen. It pissed me off. Im ready to get rid of these totalitarian traitors NOW. NOW!

Just remember who this miniature blockhead really is. He is a man who leaped onto a track during a high school girls track meet and outran the girls to the finish in some sort of weird attempt to prove his superiority over women or something.

This is also the itsy bitsy "man" who was thrown off a high school stage for yelling that he shouldn't have to pick up his own trash because there are plenty of janitors paid to so that for him.

Keep him out front CNN.

He is, after all, one of the most revolting human beings on the planet.

One more thing. More kudos to Jake Tapper for coming back after the break with "Welcome Back to Planet Earth".

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