Sunday, November 6, 2016

Facts Are Biased?

I know everybody has had it. Enough! But I havent HAD it with "both sides" as the media tries to say. The media, the people who bend over backwards to appear "fair" so as not to offend a particular section of society. Those sensitive souls who love their Jesus and guns and believe the lies of a thuggish brute con artist. The people who think the media is biased against them because an opportunistic political party, fast losing its grip on a growing diverse America, came up with the myth years and years ago. When we lie, which is a lot, and a media calls us on it. It is BIAS. LIBERAL BIAS. Yeah thats it! It works with a lazy society. A bunch of people also losing grip, powerless people, buy it because what other choice do they have? Things not going your way? Bias. Like every sports fanatic out there. My team got screwed!

Well, one side of this ugly ass Presidential shitfest is about to get "screwed". And despite the fact this lying scammer had screwed himself with his big fucking mouth, his cruelty, his racism, his misogyny, his bullying, his incestual leanings, his lying, his ignorance of all that is foreign, his threats, his meanness, his total lack of respect for anyone who dares to call him out on his bullshit, 40 percent of this nation, basically white people, is still going to vote for him. White women are going to vote for him. White men, of course, will vote for him. Guys like the young white man we saw outside the Bernie Sanders rally for Hillary on Friday night, with his camo vest, his Hillary For Prison sign featuring Pepe, the racist frog is going to vote for him. What the hell a young person thinks that makes them throw their future away, their dreams of what the want to be, to vote for this doomsayer hooligan is just beyond me. Old bitter white people, baby boomer losers, used to being given everything for free, I get it. White America is dying. It's really not, but when 2008 came and that colored man Halffrican foreigner Muslim oh lets just say it N bomb took office because of Acorn the fact a heavy minority turnout combined with progressive whites sick of racism and homophobia and the ways of the past can do wonders in moving this nation forward, they went fucking crazy.

So I haven't HAD IT with both sides. I've had it with one side. The side that lies and intimidates. The side that believes anything they are told by con artists looking to sell goofy hats and conspiracy theories. The side that thinks foreigners are coming here to kill them and not better their lives for their families. The side that yearns for the 1950's when the blacks and the gays and the women knew their place. The side that seizes control of a major political party by nominating a 70 year old punk with not a care on earth for any of them. The side that allows a loud mouthed bandit say anything he wants in public and cheers because he "tells it like it is". Well it isnt, dumbfucks. Maybe at your house, or at the local bar, or at the church you phonies go to worship that hippie socialist it is, but it isn't that way out here where the normal people live. And you are all about to find that out. In a big way.

And I am going to keep saying that right up to the time a 70 year old deceiver takes the oath of office with one hand on the Art of The Deal and the other on his daughter's ass.

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