Tuesday, November 1, 2016

See You Next Tuesday!

Good Christ....7 days and this thing will be over....

Sid Miller, an actual elected official, an Ag Commissioner , oh he's from Texas.......tweeted that earlier today and of course blamed it on being hacked and then blamed a staffer and then of course deleted it cuz calling a woman a "cunt" probably even offends 10% of Trump's female self loathers.

Sid Miller is one of those tough talkin Texans full of shit and a walking Texas stereotype that any thinking Texan despises. So him calling the next President of the United States a "cunt" is not really stretch for Ol' Tex there.

Miller once said he wanted to slap people who said "Happy Holidays" cuz of course he loves him some Jesus and that's Jesus' birthday and shit. So if ya say "Happy Holidays" to Sidney, he may whack ya, just like his hero Jesus would do.

Sid Miller once compared human beings to rattlesnakes. Oh yeah, they were them brown Syrians and shit but still, rattlers? Refugees from Syria will bite ya just like rattlers will. Ya know, refugees. Like Jesus hated.

Sidney once said making peace with them Mooslims is one of his biggest priorities. Make peace? Ya know like his buddy Jesus would. By dropping an atom bomb on them ragheads.

Farmer Miller once used campaign funds to go to Mississippi to go to a rodeo. The bigger question may be Mississippi? But yeah, Ag Boy used campaign funds to go watch fellers rope cattle and laugh at those hilarious clowns.

Sid Miller also once went to Oklahoma to get a "Jesus shot". A shot that will take away all the pain in your life forever. I'll pause to let Jesus regain his composure and check the fucking holes in his hands. Oh by the way, Miller is so fucking stupid he let some ex-con scam him out of $300, rather scam Texas taxpayers out of $300.

So if we kick Sid Miller in the nuts now, no pain? Let Hillary give him a Jesus shot right in his grapes.

Sid Miller, an elected official in Texas y'all, also authored a bill telling women they had to have a sonogram 24 hours prior to an abortion and some doctor has to play her a tape of a heartbeat to make her feel all murder-ee and shit. This "empowers" women. Ya know, by forcing them to undergo unnecessary medical procedures in an attempt to make more little Texans.

So Sid Miller calling Hillary Clinton a "cunt" is hardly hacking or a staffer.

It's Sid Miller extraordinaire. Grasp it Sid. Take ownership. It's YOU man. Go for it.

You fat motherfucker.

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