Saturday, November 19, 2016


Donald J Trump admitted he is a fraud yesterday by "settling" his Fuck Trump U lawsuit for a reported $25 million. Will it matter? Hell no. The Trump voter is perhaps the most tolerant human being alive. That is as long as you arent black or gay or Hispanic or a feminist or buy into that equality crap.

So as our President elect (I cannot believe this) moves closer and closer to becoming a big motherfucking nightmare and the rest of the shitstorm that is Trump's miserable existence becomes known, how tolerant will the lynch mob be?

Well considering that the mob actually marked a ballot for a misogynist, a racist, a bully, a vulgar creep, a 70 year old child, did I mention racist, and they all knew it I assume though who knows what the fuck Facebook tells them (not on it cuz I prefer truth), they will be pretty goddamned tolerant.

Does the fact Ivanka Trump and her opportunistic hanger on husband, the son of a jailbird, sits in on the Fascist in Chiefs meeting with Japanese government officials matter? Unethical as hell but nahhhhhhh no big deal.

Does the fact the Liar in Chief talks to world leaders on unsecured phones because he's too fucking arrogant or ignorant to know why thats wrong matter? Nahhhhh no big deal.

How about he settled a lawsuit in which people accused him of defrauding them out of millions, did I mention that? After he said he would never settle? Will that matter to the mob? Nahhhhhhh just a business decision.

Will it matter that the Russians may have hacked this election? Nahhhhh it went our way.

Will it matter that Hillary got more votes by 2% than The Fraud in Chief when this is over? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she had emails.

Will it matter that no matter what the Loopholer in Chief tries, like "hiring" his son in law but not really because he isnt paying him, everything has an angle meant to benefit the Ego In Chief? Nahhhhhhhhhhh cuz uhhhhhh JFK did it too and I am too lazy to know that in 1967 it was deemed illegal to hire your relatives.

Will it matter that a white supremacist has the ear of the Racist in Chief? Nahhhhhhhhh cuz he's white.

Tolerance. I never knew a lynch mob could be so tolerant of others.

Somehow it doesnt make me feel any better.

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