Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jill Not Hill!

First off...Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Enjoy getting into fights with Trumper family members and hating them tonight even worse than you did this morning. Breathe hard.. And remember, they are dumb and lazy at best and a racist, misogynist, xenophobic bigot at worst. And they will not change with your stupid science and facts and shit. They are now empowered to be the loudmouthed dumbfucks they always were. So keep that in mind. Ok? Yeah that aint gonna work. Fuck em! Firmly establish yourself as being on the right side of history. And hit em with basic math. Yeah genius, how does a team get 2 million more "points" than another team, yet lose? Let the stupidity begin

Now second of all. Jill Stein is still nuts. But Jill Stein didnt cause Hillary to lose. First of all, Hillary did not lose.She got 2-3 million more votes than Herr Trump. Hillary lost because Republicans do one thing better than anyone else. They cheat. They suppress the votes of minorities and the poor thru bullshit ID laws. The install fear and bigotry into people already fearful and bigoted. And they flat out use foreign governments to hack.

Jill Stein is raising money for a recount of the swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. So far, a goal of $4.5 million has been set, and as of right now, $3.1 million has been raised to do this thing. So think about giving up a fiver.

Now Hillary has again proven to be the roll over and play dead political hack us Bernie Bros always knew she was. Quietly conceding to a fucking fascist vulgarian who had promised to "lock her up" for the last 6 months. So if Hillary wont fight for herself and this nation, to hell with her.

If Jill Stein has to be the one to fight, so be it.

Dont accept fascism in any form. Normalizing these evil bastards is my greatest fear. "Oh come on, give him a chance" makes me fucking crazy. NO! You dont let Il Douche have a fucking chance. You destroy him before he has that chance.

Jill Stein's plot may not work. In fact, I doubt if the powers that be will allow it to work. Crank up the Russians, comrades. But EVERYTHING must be done to stop this movement. I refuse to be a Good German and go along without a fight.

So get in your Trumper family members face. Make goddamn sure they know you aint standing for any of this. If you sound nuts, so what. In a few years, you will be the one who stood up to it. You didnt go along. You fought! They will be the moral equivalent of segregationists and genocidal maniacs. They did nothing while others were oppressed.

There are consequences to voting for Trump. There really are. And if ridding your life of these people is the cost, think long and hard.

Go Jill Stein. It is a Hail Mary for sure. But sometimes those work.

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