Monday, November 7, 2016

Defeat Trump!

This has gone on long enough. Agreed? So let's get to it and crush this movement of white bitters and outright white nationalists before it starts to fester.

The kid above is gone. Gone. Probably brainwashed by parents who were brainwashed by their parents and probably it all comes back to a weird and sick interpretation of religion. The gays are bad, the women are bad, the minorities are bad, the Mexicans are bad, the Muslims are bad, the Africans are bad, and a reality show host with a big mouth,a small mind, and zero religious core has told em what they want to hear. That poor kid makes my heart break. He's probably a good kid, a nice kid, treats his parents with respect, treats his fellow man with respect, but when a hollering asshole tells him what Mom and Dad have told him for years, he becomes just another screeching asshole looking to blame people not like him for some unknown slight. Something tells me if you interviewed that child, you would get answers far more involved than any of those others at that Trump rally in Nuremberg Colorado. Answers that would involve warped reason and logic that would make you go what the fuck is he talking about? I see InfoWars and nonsensical Republican bullshit about FBI investigations and Clinton Body Counts and hidden terminal illness crap and Bill is a rapist and lock her up and she has a body double and she is a liar all over that kid's face. All that while listening to the lying-est candidate who has ever seen the light of day in America. Cuz he tells that kid and the rest of those numbskulls what they believe and want to hear. Their lives suck because of somebody else. And that somebody else is not a giant Corporate Profit Sucking God or a billionaire class that pays less taxes than they do or a system of government that is for sale to the highest bidders, nope, its Mexicans and Muslims and blacks and gays and anybody else who doesnt feel as you do. That kid is gone. I hope I am wrong. That kid is why Trump must be crushed.

Khizr Khan,a man whose son died a hero, a fucking hero who saved American lives by giving his own is with Her. Sticking that pocket Constitution up Trump's ass at the Democratic Convention was great enough but Trump's reaction was just mind bending. Attack! Insult Mr.Khan's wife for not speaking. Get his racist surrogates to tweet and say horrible things like Captain Humayun Khan was actually helping the Taliban and not saving American lives. The basket of deplorables slithered out of the basket on that one. Mr and Mrs.Khan are Americans who deserve, no demand respect for their loss. To be ignored or ridiculed and even lied about by that side of the aisle, who really has no respect for anyone, is a fucking disgrace to this country. The Khans have given more to this nation than that whole bunch of Trumpers at any rally anywhere at anytime. I really wouldn't want to hear anything any of those people say on camera if asked about Mr. Khan. It scares me. Even Trump's Russian masters thought attacking Mr.Khan was over the line.

Trump and his minions need to not only be defeated, they must be crushed and their put into the trash compacter and reduced back to the 20% level of nutjobs that make up any group of people, and that includes you too, Bernie Bros (the Jill Stein hack hollering at Bernie Friday night in Omaha was just precious). I wont go as far as to panic and say a right wing coup is about to occur as Bill Maher stated the other night. The coup that would occur is Russian. We would be governed by a Russian operative taking his orders from Moscow. . And if the Republicans retain Congress with a President Trump, we are finished. But of course, this wont happen IF the decent folks get out and vote.

Please vote! It is absolutely essential to beat this man. He has to be Neganed because Trump and his followers ARE Negan. So vote and take the proverbial Lucille with you. Destroy this cancer before it metastasizes.

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