Saturday, November 19, 2016

RIP USA 1776-2017!

I still am refusing to believe this. I am so shell shocked by this not a day goes by when I dont want to wake up and find this is not happening.

Its been over a week now since white working class Americans expressed their economic frustrations and took it out on Democrats because only the Republicans are looking out for them and Donald J Trump is the man to save their christian moral way of life. Nobody was listening to the white working class. Hillary certainly wasnt listening by telling them to retrain for another line of work. And she had that whole e mail thing that the frustrated white working class read all about on their Facebook pages. The white working class has been ignored for about 50 years now and the party of Trump is who is looking out for them and they finally spoke. Donald J Trump, just a cool guy who talks like them , is the man to stop all the changes that have engulfed this great nation of ours...............

Oh fuck this, I cant play mainstream media asshole any longer. The white working class grabbed their torches and guns and went out into the streets of America on November 8th and did what pissed off white working class people do when in a big cowardly mob. They lynched somebody. In this case they lynched The United States of America. Figuratively speaking, they lynched Barack Hussein Obama, a President who the Facebook tells me is really bad cuz he's black a Marxist born in Kenya. I mean look around, how can things get any worse for white working class America? Obama was a disaster what with his creating 14 million new jobs and not starting wars based on lies (though yes he did keep them going) and being black all uppity arrogant and smart and shit.

This nation is fucking finished. RIP USA 1776-2017. It's been a good run.

I'm going back to pull the covers up again. I cannot believe any of this.

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