Friday, November 4, 2016

Ramblings Of A Mad Man!

Good Gawd we have entered the final 5 days of this shitfest and I've had it. Random thoughts:

1) Melania Trump not much of a fan of cyber bullying. As First Lady (LOL) she would dedicate her reign (LOL) to stopping children, like her 70 year old man child future ex-husband, from saying mean and nasty things about others on social media. Is this woman even breathing? I know she's been busy preparing her November 9th divorce from a yelling pumpkin, but even she knows enough English to comprehend what she was saying. Right? As John Fugelsang said after the speech by Melania, or was it Marla, and now, Eva Braun will teach us all about Hanukkah.

2) The Cubs win! As much as I sat on pins and needles hoping like hell the 108 years of sucking wouldn't end, now that it has, great. Now Cubbies fans, shut the fuck up. Ive been to Chicago and been to Wrigley many times and each time I became less and less of a Cubs fan. The incessant whining, the constant reminder that they were lovable losers, the 22 year old drunk lamenting how she had waited her "whole life" for this, the worship of what is essentially a 104 year dump of a stadium, the hipster factor, the North Side snobbery, it all just turned me so off I damn near began to like the White Sox. Hey Chicago, whatya say, the Cubs are gonna win today? I think the Sox won back in 2005 and nobody lost their shit. So good for you Cubbies fans. Now you are just another rich ass baseball team and in another year everybody is going to hate you. As on the cutting edge Ive been with the Cubs, sitting there with 2500 people watching them lose in the daytime back before 1984, I am now going to be on the cutting edge again, The Cubs are now the Yankees. Let the hating begin.

3) Cubs fans all over are so fucking happy. Except for this guy. Poor bastard will never remember any of it. When you've lost for 108 straight years, and you finally win, in another city, and beat another team from a city that hasnt won in 70 years, dont talk shit. It's just not smart. And that Indians fan who had had enough of "Sandberg's" trash talking? Hope you enjoy jail you violent creep unable you verbally punch that moron.

4) The FBI is a political arm of the Trump campaign. So many heads should roll for the blatant Trumping of this campaign I cannot wait For President Hillary to clean house of this band of Hoover licking neanderthals. Fuck you, FBI. And fuck you Rudy Giuliani, you Trump sucking mental case. To base baseless accusations on a book written by a right wing con artist funded by Dead Breitbart by the people who run federal law enforcement is disgraceful. We really are going back in time when Tricky Dick used the FBI as his own personal revenge mob. Yeah, back when America was great. Back when the term "ratfucking" was coined. The FBI. Ratfuckers extraordinaire.

5) The Trump voter. Not racists, sexists, dummies, or assholes. No they are just frustrated hard working white people. Screwed over and looking for somebody who will listen to them as their 19th century jobs go bye bye thanks to oh I dont know, Hillary Clinton. Who will listen to their very real concerns? Yeah that's it. A "billionaire" con artist who ships their very jobs overseas on a daily basis. A man who pays less taxes than they do. A man who spouts forth statements that reflect their own minds. A man who is a Russian puppet. Hey Trumpies, remember this from your favorite "comedian"? Anyway, frustrated Trumpers expressed their frustration this week in ways we should all consider "legitimate". A Trumper in Des Moines, who had a liking to taking the traitor flag to high school football games to taunt black kids, decided to express his white disenchantment by killing a couple of police officers. Ahhhhhh, poor Donald Trump, he wasnt a black assassin . Damn! Another Trumper had to express their disillusionment with the status quo, ya know a Republican dominated state like Mississippi, the status quo, by burning down a black church and writing Vote Trump on the singed outside. Yeah, we must listen to their concerns.

6) How much are we, or I, gonna miss Barack Obama? I mean this guy is such a charismatic man, a hip man, and a man who cares, who can deny it? Other than the frustrated white working class who has a legitimate beef with his color policies. This is what we have now, a funny man who knows how to make a point, and is fucking hip to the room. Now what? A total asshole and pandering hack ? I'll take the pandering hack of coure, but oh my god. President Obama, despite white people's concerns about your race policies , this white person is going to miis the hell out of you. If for no other reason, this and ESPECIALLY, THIS.

7) I now mute political ads when they come on TV. I dont give a shit who they are pimping. In the "nice" Midwest where we are all polite and respectful, unlike you East Coast assholes and West Coast hippies, the ads are absolutely horrible. The Demoncrats are big spenders who will surrender your daughters to ISIS and give your family farm to the Federal gubmint once you die cuz of that death tax and force you to get health care and kill your kids with illegals aliens who drive drunk. Those nasty Demoncrats have been fucking with you for years with their total control of all things government. Hey, dont look at your actual government, dominated by Republicans. Thats not fitting the narrative. Obama, that Marxist who has taken all your guns and raised your taxes. His blackness policies have been dictatorial. Now go vote for the Republican incumbent cuz he's such a change artist.

5 more days of this shit. At least the TV part of it. Once Hillary wins, and the Trumpers all fall into line to support America, all will be well. That is until the frustrated white working class with totally reasonable concerns about Hillary's gender policies decide to grab their muskets.

Good luck to us all. We will need it.

PS......Watch this........My Cub hating all went away..for a couple of minutes......

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