Monday, November 13, 2017

Thinking On Monday!

Donald Trump, the Embarrassment In Chief, cannot stop. Over the weekend while in Vietnam getting his marching orders from his boss, The KGB Thug In Chief. Trump stated he believed Vladimir the Impaler when he was told that he, Vlad, did not meddle in the 2016 election while at the same time calling US Intelligence Chiefs "political hacks" and disbelieving them. You know, all those Obama era patriots who had the country in mind. Putin, much smarter than our Orange Creep In Chief, simple stated NYET, I never told him that. Trump then backtracked from his previous statement, well sort of, by saying how great HIS Intelligence chiefs are, not that other guys.

Trump then went on to the Philippines to honor another murderous tough guy. Now there no doubt Trump fantasizes at night about whacking journalists and his political opponents just like his heroes. And if he started his own Plumbers Unit to do so, there is not a doubt in my mind the Republican Congress would do nothing, Trumps base would go Fuck Yeah and most people still wouldnt vote.

Remember when the Dixie Chicks dissed George W Bush on furrin soil and bumpkins all over steamrolled CD's and banned them from radio and birdbrains sent the Chicks death threats? Oh yeah, me too. Where are those rubes now? Oh yeah, destroying $200 Keurig coffee makers because the company pulled ads off a child molester defenders TV show. Thats what the Trump base has left. Jackasses who would rather kick down the barn instead of solving the problem. I'd buy a Keurig, but sorry, I'm a Mountain Dew guy. Coffee tastes like muddy water to me. But Im sure if I liked Muddy Water it would be Keurig.


Goddammit I want Joe Biden to run for President. I know he'll be 77 in 2020 but I dont care. Watching him today on Megyn Kelly's shitfest of a TV show, I fell in love with the man all over again. As Megyn shifted back to her Fox News self and hammered Biden on his views and his age and the fact that blue collar Trump voters still love the Grifter In Chief, Biden simply responded with, "They love me more". Yeah Joe, cuz you are one. Unlike a rich Inheritor In Chief who was born on 3rd base, Biden comes from Scranton and though yes, there are "Scrantonites" who will never leave their Cult Leader In Chief no matter what, there are plenty who will. Because Joe Biden speaks their language, without the vulgarity and name calling. Besdies, Biden isnt a fucking traitor.


Mind Hunter on Netflix is one dark show. The story of two FBI agents who become the first profilers of serial killers, this show set in the 1970s reminds me so much of other David Fincher projects like Seven or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. If you are a serial pessimist with an optimistic core like me, this show is a must. It's dark, depressing, uses real serial killers as a base, and turns an otherwise dreary night into something even drearier. It stars nobody of any note (other than the legendary Anna Torv, you know from Fringe? Never mind) but the whole 70's darkness and the Chevy Novas and the music all bring it together as these two FBI profilers descend into the abyss of depravity. I cannot wait for Season Two so maybe we'll at least know what the hell happens in PARK CITY, KANSAS. Watch it.


Roy Moore (Fondler-Al) is exactly what the Republican Party is. He's a bible thumping phony intent on making white supremacy the religion of America. Despite his fondness for adolescent girls, 37% of so called Evangelicals in Alabama are MORE inclined to vote for his kiddie tickling ass than before the allegations were made. Read that again. 37% of white Christians who perceive their "values" as being superior to yours actually think allegations of child molestation are a positive? That is a frightening stat. Now whether they actually think that or its a fuck you to Yankee agitators or its a Alabama male saying what if I had been in that position would I have gone for it too I have no idea.

The fact remains these Republicans who are publicly denouncing Moore as a perv and are "bewildered" on what their party has become had better just step back and realize their party is a Frankenstein monster they helped create. Over the last 50 years, this party has appealed, on purpose, to the rednecks and the racists and the book burners and the snake handlers and the economic losers who refuse to look up at the real culprit and instead look down on fellow economic losers with a different color skin. Thus we have reached this point after 50 years. The Monster is rampaging the countryside and instead of villagers with torches trying to kill it, they are marching in lockstep behind it. We have reached a point where being accused of sexual assault, or making fun of the disabled, or being accused of child molestation does not matter as long as you have that R next to your name on a ballot.

Yeah, World, we have met the enemy and its us. Please come pick up the debris.

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you should get out of non profits and go into axe grinding.