Friday, November 3, 2017

The Rockslide Begins!

Its all begun this week. When Bob Mueller indicted Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his flunky Rick Gates Monday the first rock fell off the Mount Trump. Now Manafort and Gates are just your run of the mill crooks, just like Spiro Agnew was in that pile of filth called the Nixon Administration. While the rest of the gang was colluding and hacking and lying and attacking opponents and catering to racists, Manafort, Gates and Agnew were just pocketing money. Good old fashioned bribery, money laundering and greed. But the rock fell and knocked another rock loose.

That meeting pictured above may be the biggest gathering of criminals since the meeting of the crime families in The Godfather. See that third guy from the left, John Dean, George Papadopolous, a coffee boy according to Don Trump. Well he, being 29 years old and all, didnt really want to take the fall for a bunch of old men with a prosecutor on their crooked asses. so he may have worn a wire. For about 90 days or so. What was recorded on that wire will come to be seen. But it may take down every single person in that meeting of miscreants. A perjuring elf named Jefferson, an orange racist named Don and the rest here on Papadopolous Island.

Sessions, truly a man who rose too high in life, apparently thinks lying under oath as many times as you wish is perfectly legal. Not sure what law school he went to, but Im sure its the one where they teach you the end justifies the means. As long as you are a Republican. Sessions is every bit the liar Trump is. Its what they have in common. The law doesnt apply to them. Regular rules dont apply to them. Sessions is without a doubt a bull in the law china shop. How he avoids disgrace is beyond me. That is until Alabama puts him back in office someplace.

The whole thing is House of Cards for real. This entire swamp is so disgusting all Mueller can do is drain it. There ya go Trumpers, the swamp you created is about to become the old swamp you all hated when you voted for your Svengali.

Meanwhile in other news, some brain challenged misfit up against the wall of life decided to mow down bicyclists on the West Side of New York. Thats what ISIS is good for. It enables other criminals with damaged minds to do its dirty work. Look, ISIS isnt religion based any more than the Klan is religious based. ISIS is a band of killers, rapists, and other criminals looking to commit their acts of misanthropy without consequences. At least until Obama got to them. Now they are on the run, mostly dead, yet still influencing other murderers without the means to travel. Whatever this assholes name is rented a small truck and made a conscious decision to run down innocents out for a ride before plowing into a school bus, a little bonus for him I guess. Goddam was this good news for The Exploiter In Chief! After ignoring the Las Vegas NRA hero who mowed down 8 times as many with a good old American machine gun because he didnt want to alienate his white gun nut base, The Racist In Chief jumped into action. Calling our justice system a "joke" and a "laughingstock" (which it will be if the Traitor In Chief gets away with any of this) The Orange Goop In Chief called for "swift" justice, called for the death penalty and even suggested sending whatshisname to Gitmo. Never has a POTUS been so wrong is such a short period of time. You may have tainted a jury pool, Genius In Chief, and called for an unconstitutional resolution all in one fucking sentence. Meanwhile at a Colorado Wal Mart a loser white guy shot and killed 3 more innocents. Not a word from the Race Baiter In Chief.

This morning in his daily tirade to divert attention from his impending demise and his obsession with women who stand up to him, and one in particular who kicked his miserable ass by 3 million votes, The Misogynist In Chief went back to the golden oldies, the knee slappers his base loves, the Stand by Your Man of insults, byy referring to Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas, Hillary Clinton as the legendary Crooked Hillary and wrongly quoting Donna Brazile, or as he says "Donna B", about the "rigged" Democratic primaries (for fucks sakes, we Bernie Bros need to move on, I have). How dare Hillary help keep the party afloat financially. In fact I think Bernie did the same. I have no idea why Donna B has decided to go out of her way to start this bullshit Bernie Hillary crap over again. She had to have know that the Lowest Common Denominator In Chief would pounce. But whatever dude, it sets the agenda for every right wing propaganda radio and TV show for the next week.

Trump is off to Asia, hopefully to never return, and everyone is scared shitless he'll pull a Yuli Gurriel. The Guy At The End Of The Bar In Chief is ready for action. Running off to avoid Mueller and his imminent bye bye wont save this Creep In Chief's butt.

The Rockslide has started. Get out of the road.

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