Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Woof Woof!

I like Van Jones. I really do. Ive at times said I wished he'd run for President. But last night, after a vulgar buffoon used the widow of a man he sent to his death to further his own popularity, Van Jones gushed like teen aged Paul Ryan did to Atlas Shrugged, when he could get the sticky pages apart. Van, please, just because a badger doesnt attack your jugular vein once or a serial woman abuser goes one day without hitting you, or an orange shit log doesnt whip out his tiny tallywacker and begin pissing on hookers one time doesnt mean Trump is not a badger, a domestic abuser or a golden shower enthusiast.

The media, in typical fashion, rolled over on their belly hoping they'd get scratched by a serial court jester now that the jester actually acted like a human being for 90 minutes. After the media is insulted and berated by a clown playing to a group of cultists and begins to fight back, all it takes for these guardians of democracy to fall into line is one night of civility and a grotesque display of political profiteering. When the orange dolt exploited a grieving widow for his own self aggrandizement, even counting the amount of time the rest of those soulless lucifers applauded, and then made the up there he's enjoying the applause con, the press went all goo goo eyed. Ah the big softy, we love ya. Now would you come on our network so we make some ad money? It makes me want to puke.

But be warned those of you now swooning over a pile of bloated talking slime. The con man knows one thing and one thing only. What con will you fall for? And last night showed this dastardly swindler exactly what the Washington press corps loves. Dead soldiers. Widows. Flag draped coffins. Cemeteries. War.

Donald Trump knows all of this. Hours after he refused to accept responsibility for sending Navy Seal Ryan Owens to his death in an attempt to make himself look like a warrior, and blamed the Generals, the military and of course, Barack Obama, this flim flam artist stood there and allowed a grieving widow to make him look human. And they fell for it hook line and sinker because they want to. There are very few Dan Rathers or Woodward and Bernsteins out there. Instead we get suck ups like Chuck Todd and Luke Russert and most of the rest of the DC press and yes even Van Jones. Stop already you easy marks.

This creepy clip artist is already ecstatic at the fact that by killing one soldier and getting praised for it he is now accepted by his press buddies he has spent all 70 of his miserable years trying to get to like him. Just think of the future. Trump is Pavlov's Dogs, both in intelligence and table manners. Christ, he'd spend all day licking himself if he could. And the one thing one of those dogs learned was do this get that.

The United States military is fucked. If you have a child in it, you better be scared cuz this draft dodging fraud now knows what the fake news likes. Death.

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