Monday, March 13, 2017

Steve King In The Dead Zone!!!

I used to live in the 4th Congressional District of Iowa. It contains a shitload of small towns, is 95% white, and has a bona fide white supremacist as its Congressman. Representative Steve King (Lamebrain-Ia) keeps saying things no normal person says out loud. Now he's lamenting the lack of white people in America and whining about American culture being destroyed by "other people's babies" whatever the fuck that means.

When I lived in that district, yes, I was an interloper in many ways. Raised in a an urban environment and a goddamned liberal I was definitely an outsider. But I must say, even though these people were Republican from the top of their high and tight haircuts to the tips of their dress socks and sandals, I never ever thought they were bad people, hateful people, or even all that dumb.

So what happened?

Yeah the Republicans dominated local races, dominated state races, and sent a bland boring ass Republican dweeb to Congress every two years, but crazy people were shunned. I distinctly remember nutjobs showing up at county board meetings with guns and bad attitudes and being told to hit the bricks by Republican board members backed up by local cops. When a Klansman showed up to stir up trouble over Hispanics and Asians working at local packing plants, the guy got shouted down and sent back under the rock he crawled out from under.

But that was years ago. So what happened there since I fled back to the big city?

In 2014 a viper name Steve King put his name into nomination to replace said bland ass Republican congressman who moved into a new district. Probably due to the genetic makeup of people who live there who must vote for the guy with the R next to is name, Steve King won election to the United States House of Representatives, a truly despicable body of hicks and rubes gerrymandered into office by racists at the state level. King got a rather low 51% of the vote considering the 2014 backlash against President Blackenstein. King proceeded to make stupid statement after stupid statement, mostly involving sick sexual fetishes he has about giant Mexican cantaloupe calves on the young Hispanic males who carry 75 lbs of pot across the border on a daily basis. He also supports animal fights because how would it look if humans are allowed to fight and animals arent? King also thinks arsenic in chicken feed is real tasty and has no problem outlawing free range chickens cuz of freedom or something.

King is also a big marriage advocate. As long as you aint gay or going to Vegas. King not only wants to outlaw gay marriage, known to the gays as "marriage", but thinks going to a justice of the peace or a judge or an Elvis impersonator is just plain sick. Go to a reverend you heathen. Like God intended. You know God? The guy who wrote the Bible and advocated slavery and polygamy? King loves that guy. And thinks you should too. At the point of a government gun if need be. But small gubmint of course.

King believes in racial profiling, doesnt believe in climate change , believes that white men are discriminated against, has a traitorous Confederate flag on his desk, believes that "Western Civilization" aka "white people" is superior to any other, thinks President Obama is Muslim and that Muslims danced in the streets after 9/11.

King made all these cuckoo statements in the two years he was in office. Surely in 2016, the fine residents of Iowa's 4th Congressional District would right their wrong. Right?

Wrong. I guess all that racism sexism xenophobia economic anxiety crawled out from the slime and Steve King (Shitheel-Ia) was shot back into office with 61% of the vote.

So to 61% of Iowa's 4th Congressional District I say fuck you. I dont want to understand you, I dont want to reach out to you, I want you all to crawl back into your bunkers in Kiron and Sioux City and LeMars and suck a tail pipe. Just dont turn the tractor on. Your soon to be non existent health insurance wont cover you.


John Steward said...

These voters merely reinforce my belief: the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us.

I have a neighbor, nice guy, who has a bumper sticker that says something about the hardest part of the Zombie Apocalypse will be pretending he's not excited about it. Hollywood has been on a zombie feeding-frenzy (pun definitely intended) and are making money hand over fist with zombie entertainment. Good for them.

The problem is that everyone now expects zombies to be shuffling, undead creatures trying to eat your brains. This has caused many people to miss the signs that the Zombie Apocalypse officially began on November 8th. The zombies just don't look like what we were expecting.

They are predominantly white, racist, xenophobic rednecks who have bought Bannon's BS. The only thing undead about them is from the neck up. Only immigrants, non-whites, the LGBTQ community and non-Christians are at risk for the moment. The 1% puppet masters, in league with Trump's buddy Putes, will use the zombie hoard to do their dirty work. Oh, well. Equality and egalitarianism were good ideas.

PS - sorry if this is redundant, I'm on my phone. It's not an i-phone.

Max's Dad said...

right on John