Monday, March 6, 2017

Khan Job!!

1)This has gone way beyond what a civilized nation would put up with. You have a goddamned mentally ill man, propped up by sycophants, racists and zombies ready to disassemble government any possible way they can. And having a Joker like Trump being the point man doesnt matter.

Look, Trump, its like this. You have only two choices here on your early Saturday morning twitter meltdown.

1) You are a liar

2) There was espionage going on at the Trump Tower with enough evidence to convince a FISA court that you are indeed a traitor

So its your choice. I think its probably #1 but wouldn't be surprised if its both. Another piece of advice for Donnie. STOP listening to a hairless troll like Mark Levin. Levin is a nothing but a squeaky voiced toddler throwing nightly temper tantrums to gizz up an already angry old white base. He also lies constantly.

2) I thought Kellyanne Conway was a bad liar. But this Huckabee spawn, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, makes Kellyanne look like fucking Barbara Jordan. Sarah, a moon faced daughter of moon faced Mike Huckabee, went on the Sunday shows with her talking points, her lies, her diversionary tactics and her Huckabee sense of humor, which is none. Sarah's insistence on sticking to the script no matter what the question, sent Martha Raddatz into almost banging her head on the table. Finally this morning, ABC's best attempt at a newsman, George Stephanopoulos, finally grew the nads to call Sarah a liar, not once but three times, which drew that stupid Arkansas goober grin when a smart guy stumped the Huckabee. Mike Huckabee is a Reverend, or so I thought. Nice job raising that liar, Mike. Kind of like that other monster you raised who killed the dog. Father of the year you aint.

3) The Muslim ban is back. When Secretary of Exxon Rex Tillerson announced that the Creep In Chief had signed his new ban in private to keep America "safe" it made me want to jam a gas pump up Tillerson's crooked ass and fill it full of Premium. Trump's Muslim ban has eliminated one country from the original 7. Iraq. Trump the Lazy changed a couple of words here and there and put it back out to be overturned yet again which of course will cause another Twitter rant and probably cause Trump's Billy Bobs to kill a few more Sikhs in the name of Bannon.

4) The House GOP has a replacement plan to the Affordable Care Act but you cant see it cuz its so awesome. The plan which reportedly will throw about 10-20 million off the insurance rolls, raise costs for virtually everybody, make insurance companies richer than they are already, cut taxes for the 1 percent, bring back bleeding and probably allow the use the poor's organs to keep old rich guys alive will be so unpopular among dumb Trumpers who put racism over their common sense that we may actually see some of them proclaim "yeah Im not so sure about that Trump anymore". Then the GOP evil doers will simply say "Obamacare" and the cult will fall back in line.

5) Ben Carson may be a brilliant brain surgeon, but he is one tone deaf son of a bitch. "Immigrants" in the bottom of slave ships? Jesus H Christ if you heard this sleepwalking mad scientist speak today you would have thought you were watching Young Frankenstein. Carson paced the stage like a tiger that had just been tranquilized fondly reminiscing about immigrants working 7 days a week, 16 hours a day and for no minimum wage. Ah the good old days, when the Negroes got a free boat ride and a good job when they "immigrated" to the New World. Carson also began speaking about the human brain and neutrons and threatened to drill a hole in your head, stick electrodes into your hippocampus and force you to read him a book you read 60 years ago, verbatim. What the fuck, Dr Frankensteen? Really? Who wants to work for this modern day Josef Mengele knowing that at some point he will come at with a drill wanting to hear you recite Green Eggs and Ham?

6) Finally , and I normally would dismiss this as hyperbole, but Khizr Khan , the man who offered not only his son'd life to his country but offered an orange talking pile of mucus a copy of his constitution, has cancelled a speech in Toronto because his "travel privileges" are being reviewed. Mr. Khan, who has been an American for 30 years, is justifiably concerned if he leaves the country, that a band of fascists in the United States Government led by a revenge minded talking Pomeranian would not let him back in. The Pakistani native probably never dreamed that the United States of America would be governed by a cabal of white supremacists hell bent of keeping his kind out. 30 years ago was bad enough, when am amiable dunce was used as the front man to a group of greedheads. But now, not only are the greedheads in power, we also now have a white Taliban whispering sweet racisms in the talking pile of Metamucils ears. Sorry, Mr. Khan.

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