Saturday, March 18, 2017

Budget Blues!

Its been about two months since a cranky old man took the oath of office, and began a taxpayer funded vacation each weekend, and his trust fund children began a taxpayer funded vacation, and his wife and child holed up in a grotesque tower, courtesy of the taxpayers. These grifters, these con artists, these hucksters, these swindlers are figureheads being used by a group of soulless creeps intent on taking all the money with them on their trip to hell.

The Trump "budget", unleashed on the public this week, written by people who hate other people and have no further intention of hiding it, was perhaps the most Draconian hunk of paper ever masturbated to by a gang of misanthropes like the ones that run this government.

To look at it is to go what in the fuckity fuck fuck is wrong with these evil snakes? Cheered only by fellow "conservatives" with hard ons for the future of death and destruction, this budget is universally hated. Well not universally, a gang of future homeless hillbillies in Tennessee seemed to like it a lot as their Fuehrer ranted, but for the love of the God they claim to believe in what is wrong with these people?

Oh the Defense Industry comes out just fine with their 10% increase. Read it again, The Defense Industry. Not the soldiers, not the families of soldiers, but the creeps of the Defense Industry, soon to be making millions off the death of brown people and meaningless weapons of mass destruction. The white guys in offices will be happy slapping each others filthy hands.

The Homeland Security Department? Comes out great too. This totally inept bureaucracy installed by a Republican small government administration profiting off of fear, gets a sizable increase, mostly to build that fucking wall nobody wants. Not to mention spying on you and harassing brown people some more.

Veterans Affairs also gets an increase. What does that mean? Well, more meaningless private health agencies stand to get rich keeping troubled vets on the hook. Vets Affairs is kind of like Dermatology. You are never going to be cured, you just keep going back and enriching more con men and women.

Who are the government services that get the axe? Basically anything that helps people cuz we know this modern band of "conservatives" really really hates you. Paul Ryan, the most despicable human on earth, even confessed to wanting to cut Medicaid when he was a young detestable punk ass bitch drinking beer after sucking up government money his entire teenaged life. Yeah Rich, wouldnt it be great to make poor people die sooner? Damn, I dont even need my Ayn Rand poster to get off on that. Gulp! Now wheres my social security survivors benefits?

The EPA gets whacked by 31%. Simply allowing polluters loose will create polluter jobs or something. Yeah get rid of the EPA and we'll hire people to shit in the rivers. Ahhh, American Business. These worthless motherfuckers do realize they cant take the money with them once they mercifully exit the earth, right?

As the second worst human on earth said, Irish lackey Mick Mulvaney, we arent going to spend any more of your money on climate change. What? Please, you Irish knave, spend it on exactly that. Ask those guys in the Pentagon that actually ruin the Defense Department what they think about climate change instead of asking your buddies running Northrop Grumman. Nobody makes me my Irish side more than assholes like Ryan and Mulvaney. You are a disgrace to your people and hey Ryan, that Guiness you pulled out was the biggest pussy move in Irish American history. As Irishmen continually said all day, the only people who puul that move are British nationalists and American tourists. Póg mo thóin you two Tory pricks.

The State Department cut 29%? The fucking State Department? What are you planning? A hike in defesne spending and a machete to State? Wow, wonder what's up there? Hey somebody wake up that old Exxon man from his nap and see what he has to say.

The Agriculture Department down 21%? Nice vote, Nebraska, and after you clowns all relive the Dust Bowl or are forced off your land by Big Agriculture I'm sure the percentage who vote Republican may even go down a point or two.

The Labor Department down 21%? Well, the re institution of slavery is a goal of the ghouls who run the Heritage Foundation, but come on now, not everybody can work at Carl's Junior. Who the hell is going to buy their heart attack inducing food?

HHS? Meals on Wheels. Bah Humbug! No results according to that Celtic scoundrel Mulvaney. Feeding old people and providing companionship. No results. The Irish cad is so used to reading balance sheets he cant see the tombstones for the graveyards.

As far as the rest of the budget. No more public lands, no more national parks, no more mass transit, education money diverted to Betsy DeVos and her crusader profiteers, no more dams, no more levies, no more anything.

This country would be turned in to a Third World no Fourth World oligarchy if these anarchists get their way. The amazing thing is there are actually Americans out there supporting this bombing of America because their orange cult leader says so. In fact the orange glob of shit has no idea whats in the budget because he lives thru the week to get back to Mar a Lago where he can gaze into space and long for the days of being a reality show host.

We have to stop this. And only thru not being lazy and not being bored are we going to stop it. Just this week, Republican dopes posing as United States Senators in red state Nebraska held town halls. Debbie Fischer (Self Hating Woman-Ne), welfare rancher extraordinaire, held her town hall in a small town and was met by outside agitators, town folks who booed and cheered and gave her hell. Meanwhile, Ben Sasse (Weirdo Uber Driver-Ne) announced his town hall at 7pm Thursday night to be held the next day at 8am, apparently hoping he could suppress turnout like it was black voters by giving 12 hours notice, but was met by a boisterous group who booed and cheered and gave him all sorts of shit.

So if its happening here in RedStateLand, it certainly can happen anywhere. As Mick told Rocky Balboa, dont let that bastard breathe.

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John Steward said...

Great entry, Max's Dad. Comrade Putin's orange puppet is doing an amazing job wrecking our country. Hey, let's take away everything that could possibly help poor people improve their quality of life. Then, let's slash anything that could help them increase their income, and struggle their way into the "middle class." Hey, let's slash the State Dept and decrease our influence in the world. Et effin' cetera.

Trump's cabinet is an amazing demographic. I'll bet none of them have ever had their electricity shut off until payday. I bet they've never spent 30 minutes waiting for a bus, rain or shine, hot or cold. I bet they don't buy generic groceries. I'm sorry, I meant their maids have never bought generic for their bosses. Hell, these zillionaires have probably never eaten canned fruit or vegetables. All of them are so out of touch with the 99% that they just see us as numbers, not individuals.

My personal mantra is Plato's line: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” Sometimes I abbreviate the mantra, and tell myself "Don't be an Asshole."
With this in mind, I'll point out two things that the Repubs, aka The Zombie Masters, will never, ever, consider, although it would probably save these programs, and make SS, Medicare and Medicaid not only solvent, but flush.

1. Increase the cap on Social Security taxes. The uber-wealthy only pay SS tax on their first $127,200 of income. Hell, raise it to the first $1,000,000. Better yet, their entire income, both active and passive, should get the 6.2% SS tax slapped on it. Never going to happen.

2. The Estate Tax, aka the "Death Tax." It only kicks in at $5,490,000, and yet, the Repubs have conned a metric butt-load of people into thinking that it's evil, and will hurt them and their kids. I wonder what the responses would be if you asked the members of the zombie hoard how many members of their family, their friends, their friends' families, etc., are worth $5.5 million. The wealthiest person I've ever known happened to have oil and gas production on the old homestead. She was worth a couple of million, I suppose. No estate tax there.

3) The carried interest scam:

Sorry, I don't know how to make this a hyperlink. I guess I'm just a bit too old. Get off my lawn!

I know that I'm preaching to the choir here, but sometimes you just need to vent. Thanks, Max's Dad, for maintaining your blog. I need to try to read it sooner after it's posted.

Keep the faith, brother, and stick it to the man, as they used to say.

P.S. I'm so proud of myself that I only mentioned Putin, aka Poots, once.