Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Gullible Ordinary People!

I assume that picture is right after that group of miscreants learned some homeless guy got crushed by a garbage truck. Or maybe it was right after one of them told a story about running over a pipeline protester.

The House GOP unveiled their plan to uninsure millions of Americans, most of whom voted for these pricks. And as bad as you thought it would be, well, its even worse. Just like "President Trump" is much worse than "President-Elect" Trump.

Once again those GOP skinflints are bound and determined to kick America in the balls and tell them they are just checking them for cancer and most of them will believe it right after they stop throwing up.

Health Savings Accounts--yep just use all that extra money you use on I Phones and put it away for when you get sick. So when you get the inevitable cancer from the GOP sponsored pollution or have a heart attack from the dollar meals you can afford and you've saved all that money you'll be all covered from the very moment you hit the floor until the time the first EMT shows up. Thanks Republicans for making me save.

Tax Credits-- man these asswipes love those tax credits. After you've been gouged by the GOP Care for your astronomical price increases, at the end of the year you get to take a little bit of it off your taxes. There see, it all works out in the end. Kind of like bailing out the Titanic's boiler room with crystal goblets, if it sinks anyway, you just didnt work hard enough. Hey all works out in end.

Selling Health Insurance Across State Lines-- Jesus H Christ, how many morons fall for this old GOP standard? I am familiar with the insurance industry and trust me , if this shitfest comes to be, every insurance company will have a South Dakota address and stick Mount Rushmore up yer ass sideways because South Dakota has no regulations and very few legislative geniuses. Think of your credit cards. Hey when did Citibank and Bank of America move to Dakota? And where exactly is Dakota?

Individual Mandate-- well there isnt one. Unless of course you get shitcanned from your job created by Trump and spend more than 60 days without insurance. I mean come on, who spends more than 2 months without a Trump created job? If you do become lazy bum and dont get insurance for 61 days, the GOP masters in the insurance industry can jack up your rates by 30% as a sort of penalty for your sloth.

Oh for chrissakes the whole "plan" is nothing more than the general strategy of the GOP. Take money from you and give to their wealthy benefactors who buy their souls every two years. So keep falling for it Kansas, and Nebraska and South Dakota and oh for fucks sakes the entire South and the Plains. And they will fall for it because the strategy of selling this shit sandwich is already in play.

This morning Paul Ryan's designated Vice Asshole, Jason Chaffetz, went on CNN's fake news to push the "plan" forward into the poor gomers who make up GOP Land. Its all about "personal responsibility" and "freedom of choice" with these phony lunatics. And oh yeah, it's all about I Phones. Hey, stop buying those I Phones I thought President Blackenstein gave away to his homies for 8 years. Turns out "they" were buying them all along and Obama was buying them healthcare. Dick Chaffetz is done with that. And he wants his goobers to know it. Yeah, the free ride is over for "them" just like back in the 80's when "they" were all on welfare and "they" all bought Cadillacs. Now "they" buy I Phones and rip you, Goober, off for their free healthcare.

So fall for it again, Midwest. Its "them" keeping you down. And when the GOP takes your access to healthcare away, you know who to blame. Yeah, the inventor of the I Phone. Barack Hussein Obummer. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Rape me GOP!!

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