Thursday, March 2, 2017

What The Hell Is This, Russia?

Is there anybody in this administration who ISN'T in the Russians back pocket?

We have the Attorney General of the United States, approved by a complicit Senate, meeting with Russians before they election and then lying to Congress about it. Ah hell, who's gonna find out? The little jug eared troll named Jefferson B Sessions recused himself today from leading any investigations into this putrid band of Cossacks running the country at behest of a former KGB killer. Not that any of these Republican collaborators will lead any investigations anyway. They won and their mission to dismantle the entire United States Government and install a plutocracy led by a gang of wealthy tyrants is unstoppable. Trump is their puppet as well as Putin's. This marriage of authoritarians from Russia and authoritarians from the United States is the marriage they ought to stop with an amendment.

Jefferson Sessions is as gone as gone can be. Following the ouster of fellow traveler Mike Flynn for being a fucking liar, Sessions is on as unsteady ground as a Klan cross burning on a fault line in Oklahoma. And there are more to come. Jared Kushner, the bachelor Ivanka Trumpski gave the rose to, allegedly met with the Russians with Flynn. Donnie Junior, a rat faced little douchebag. allegedly had parties with Russians. Secretary of Exxon Rex Tillerson has the highest honor Russian can bestow on civilians hanging around his neck like an anchor. Paul Manafort, a bumbling former campaign manager to Trump, was a paid consultant to pro-Kremlin forces in Ukraine before he sold his soul to Mephistopheles Trump. Carter Page, a foreign policy advisor to the Ignoramus in Chief, is being investigated for his Russian contacts hacking away at the 2016 election. Roger Stone, a political rat fucker from way back, knew all about the Wikileaks before it even happened courtesy of his Russian handlers, allegedly.

Again, who in this fucking cartel of Russian stooges running this country HASN'T met with the Russian puppet masters?

This is serious. And until the Trump cultists and the Republican looters put country before party, this demolition of the world's greatest democracy is going to continue.

One of the big problems I have with this is Barack Obama's polite administration knew about the Russian shenanigans to keep the hated Hillary from kicking Putin in his nutsack and did nothing. Maybe it was the certainty we all had that a vulgar hoodlum like Trump could never beat Hillary. Who knows? But the Obama administration's lack of action in exposing this treasonous bullshit is right up with past Democratic lack of action. Nixon's thugs sabotaged the Paris Peace Talks in 1968 and LBJ did nothing, probably out of being fed up with the whole fucking thing. And in 1980 when Reagan's hooligans made sure the Iranian hostages stayed put so Jimmy Carter would get his ass beat and Carter did nothing.

Jesus H Christ Democrats. Stop thinking these Republican moral lepers will play by the rules. They dont they wont and they laugh at your lack of action.

Heres your chance. Despite "Democrats" like Joe Manchin and Heidi Heiterkamp sucking up to a band of Republican voters who support a contemptible lout like Trump, the real Democrats need to get into this and push these Russian invaders back under the rocks they crawled out of. Think Stalingrad. Except American. And warmer.

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