Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hey Baby, It's Me, Reid Ribble Again!

NUNS! Used to be a cry to run for your life in Catholic grade school when Sister Mary Karen would rise from her crypt and terrorize innocent lazy ass 6th graders back in the 60's. But today up on that crypt they call Capitol Hill, a new breed of NUNS! New Nuns , the kind who wear regular clothes and actually preach much like the man they married , Jesus H Christ, about helping the poors and not being a fucking asshole.

Today Sister Mary, no no, they have regular names now, Sister Simone Campbell, testified in front of a group of blood sucking creatures called the House Budget Committee that food stamps really do help poor people and that the vast majority of food stamps go top little kids and working people. But ogres like the jug eared Wisconsin economic nimrod, Paul Ryan (Loser-Wi) decided to take on the good Sister by stating the same old "if you work hard and play by the rules, you can get ahead" bullshit. You know, the rules, like when Daddy Ryan drops dead during your adolescence, you live off his Socialism Security for a few years, then marry some delusional rich blonde. Hey Eddie Munster, where's the "work hard" part?

But as hard to swallow as Ryan's nonsense was, his fellow Wisconsin cheesehead, Reid Ribble (WTF?=Wi) decided to open his bratwurst hole and ask Sister Simone (hmm sound suspiciously French to me) "“What is the church doing wrong that they have to come to the government to get so much help?”. Hey listen, Reid Ribble, despite your Flintstones type name, you are really playing with fire here. Are you fucking nuts? You are going to throw down with a nun? A nun who has Jesus H Christ's ear? You stupid Baptist. You have no idea what you just did. Sassing a nun?

Oh I would've loved to have seen Sister Simone go all Penguin on this guy's ass and rap his knuckles while at the same time pounding his ass with a hairbrush. But that's the good old days. The kind Ribble longs for. He is one lucky son of a bitch. Instead, the new type nun, Sister Simone, simply hit this creep with love. Not that this dumbfuck would know anything about that. Whatya expect from a guy named Reid Ribble? Shit, he doesn't even need a sexting name. Right, Carlos Danger?

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