Thursday, August 22, 2013

Screw News!

Here's your news for today from the media we protect with an entire Amendment, oh not as important as that Second Amendment, but still pretty damn important. And the people who use it to tell the rest of us what the hell is going on really have no idea what to do with it.

Take Bradley Manning for example. You know, that guy who got 35 years yesterday for stealing classified information and giving it to a sun deprived Aussie who blabbed it all over the place? What did Manning give up? What could happen to the murderers in the name of us he exposed? Is the nation secure? Has anything been done to make people like Manning not be able to steal our shit? Nope!

All day today we get news about some chick named Chelsea Manning who just yesterday was a dude named Bradley Manning. Oh my, the news media has a new obsession. Transgender Leakers. What will happen to poor Chelsea in prison? Will Chelsea get hormone therapy in prison? Will Chelsea become somebody's bitch? Enough of that national security bullshit, let's hear the sexy stuff! Thanks news media. When all those soldiers were dying overseas, well at least in WW2 anyway, they were dying so not only could limpdicks keep their guns, but so you could get on to the important crap when informing the nation of whet the hell is going on!

Now in Right Wing Crazy News. Three black thugs murdered a white Australian not named Julian Assange in Oklahoma because they were bored and hated whitey. So when Aussie Chris Lane goes out to jog and mind his own fucking business, the thuggish blacks shoot him in the back because that's what blacks do. Three blacks kill a white guy!!! Where's Obama now??? Huh? Oh, one of them is white? So two black thugs murder a white guy! Where's Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Barack Hussein Obama now? Huh huh?? It's just like the Zimmerman case everybody got all pissed off about so why isn't that same bunch of agitators saying anything now?? Huh?

Well I'll tell you the difference there, poor oppressed white folk. When they caught these three killers in Oklahoma for shooting an innocent guy for simply living his life, the cops didn't shake their fucking hands, tell em everything was all right and send 'em home to watch Judge Judy. Nope, they threw their worthless asses in jail and charged them with murder.

And if you still don't understand the difference here, go make more genius comments on Fox Nation and go out for a jog.

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