Friday, August 9, 2013

Priebus Uber Alles!

Reinhold Reince Priebus is not the name of some obscure Wehrmacht Field Marshal who ran his Panzers all over the Belgians in 1940 though I am not really through going over my Rise and Fall of the Third Reich glossary yet. Nope, Reinhold Reince Priebus is Der Republikkan Party Field Marshal currently running all over the "liberal media" like it was a bunch of Frenchmen throwing their arms up with all his whining about a possible Hillary Clinton documentary on CNN and a mini series on NBC. And that so called "Liberal media"? Yep, as usual, the commie libs bent on destroying the country by not being Fox News are falling in line calling for an end to a mini series on Hillary because you know, if it went on the air, feminazis and homos and emasculated men would all run through the streets demanding the immediate election of this evil again she devil. Maureen Dowd, Chuckie Todd, David Brock and that other evil woman who is so sorry she called out Lord Mittens of Romney on his bullshit over Benghazi, Candy Crowley have all fallen into line behind the monocled Reinhold Reince Priebus in calling for an end to all that Hillary Worship! Liberal media? You are getting all soft.

Priebus is all over the liberal media, in between handjobs from Hannity, in calling for an end to the Hillary madness. In fact, Field Marshal Priebus is actually threatening to keep 2016 Republikkan debates off CNN or NBC if this Hillary Halo series goes on. Shit, maybe this is a strategy that has its own merits. Keeping Republikkans off CNN or NBC may only benefit the 2016 losing party. Christ, who wants the sight of hundreds of creaking Republican cranks booing the shit out of Chris Christie on a stage after he refuses to endorse the Santorum endorsed public flogging of sluts who get raped Constitutional Amendment. No way Herr Priebus wants that, does he?

Chancellor Priebus is a shrewd man. He knows what pussies the liberal media is. In their overwhelming desire to not be called biased , these wimps will bend over kissing some Priebus ass until they practically consider hiring Michael Savage to anchor the Evening News. Nut up, media. Priebus has a big mouth and he didn't get to be head of the American Maniacal Party by engaging in debates while sipping brandy and watching polo. He was more maniacal than the rest of them (and he wasn't color challenged like Mikey Steele). Stop cowering in fear of this Republikkan version of Major Hochstetter like Colonel Klink and start acting like you should. Say Fuck You Reinhold and get onto reattaching your balls.

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