Sunday, August 11, 2013

Breaking Badly!

I am really late to this TV party so I am sorry. I have been wasting time watching stuff like Hell's Kitchen and The Great Food Truck Race for the last few years and found out I had no idea what "cooking" meant until I began binge watching this Breaking Bad series on Netflix.

I know this series is hugely popular and I actually checked out much of Season 2 and lost interest mostly because I guess I never saw Season 1. Also because I always saw Bryan Cranston as Malcom's weirdo Dad and had no idea who Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn or Dean Norris were. But I do now. We have been obsessed catching up on this badass drama for the last three weeks and have finally gotten to the end of Season 4. Oh Giancarlo Esposito, if you and Andre Braugher ever teamed up for a show, I'd watch you guys do anything. Throw in a little Jonathan Banks or Steven Bauer and its a colossal flop, but I'd watch all 5 episodes.

This is truly the story of a bad guy. A mild mannered chemistry teacher who cooks meth to take care of his family after a cancer diagnosis. Yeah right, Walter. This guy is interested in one thing and one thing only, self preservation and if he takes his scheming wife and his adoring son down with him, well so be it. The point I lost all hope for Walter was early, when he allowed his son's desperate attempt to save his miserable life with a money raising website to be used by the great Bob Odenkirk to launder his meth money. Geez, Walter, what a prick you are.

I really do love this show. Though extremely violent and often head turningly so (a head on a turtle?ugh), the bad vs. even badder storyline is fascinating. I have to catch up with the first part of Season 5 before watching the concluding episodes. Now I don't know if Jonathan Banks' Mike gets whacked but when he goes as I'm sure he does, I hope he tell Walter to go fuck himself. Mike is the best character, and by best I mean likable, on the show because he knows who he is, what he has to do, and makes no excuses for it. And he's cranky. I love Mike. Mike, we hardly knew ye.

Who needs to get theirs?

1) Walter-- this narcissist needs to get it in the end. Even if it's a Shield like ending ala Vic Mackie where he is forced to go back to teaching yawning high school kids, he needs to pay for his crimes against children. Using his son is the worst, and poisoning Brock is nearly as bad.

2) Skyler-- she became hypnotized by money. She became all that Walter was, turning a blind eye to it all, as long as she got what she wanted it was okey dokey.

3) Marie--man she is nuts and also completely self centered. But since almost everybody bad is already dead, I'm stretching already. Marie needs an ass kicking.

Who needs to be vindicated?

1)Jesse- the kid has a conscience and a deep sense of loyalty, mostly to the wrong people (man I hear ya Jesse). Yeah he can be a dumbass and annoying as hell, yo bitches, he saved more lives than he took.

2) Saul-- like Mike, he is what he is and makes no apologies for it. Bob Odenkirk is great in this role, funny and sleazy at the same time. Just let Saul be Saul.

3) Hank- poor Hank. Surrounded by incompetents and nutcases, Hank just keeps chugging along trying to deal with his own demons, his own hidden sense of decency, and his desire to put an end to these assholes fucking up his country. Dean Norris is just great as Hank. Obama needs to appoint Hank as FBI Director.

4) Walter Junior-- the really good of this show is a cerebral palsy stricken 16 year old who worships his nasty ass father. Blind in his loyalty, much like Jesse , Walter Junior just needs to wake up and accept his murderous father for who he is. In fact, I want the ending to be something along the lines of a dead Walter Senior, a jailed Skyler, and Walter Junior finding the money and the hat and getting his damned Dodge Challenger and running the high school. He deserves it.

Once again, I know I am extremely late here, and to those who watched the show from the start I hate to step on your toes. You are hipper than me for sure. But Walter White, like Tony Soprano before him, needs to go. Just hopefully it's not another of those ambiguous black screens. Please.

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