Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fool Me Once.....Fool Me A Hundred Times!

Looks to me like since we're done in Iraq, and everything is so wonderful there, the defense contractors need another war to get that profit margin up and it looks like the game is rigged for Syria. Bashar Al-Assad the rat faced strongman of Syria is engaged is a fight with rebels who want to topple his murderous ass and become the murderous asses themselves. So of course the defense contractors, pulling the strings on the political puppets in Washington, need to pick a side here since it's the sexiest war we got. And that side is.......naturally the worst side. The religious whackjobs who want to put Syrian women in burkas, welcome Al Queda as a good neighbor, and take Syria back to the good old days. The 6th century. Ahhh, the good old days like they had in Afghanistan back when you could take off a Sunday afternoon and go to the stadium to watch the stonings. Hit em again Hit em again harder harder!

The excuse that will be used so we can lob a few multi million dollar cruise missiles into Syria and kill a few people is that Al Assad allegedly used chemical weapons on his own people. Horrific indeed! You wanna kill people, do it like a man, like we do, with non chemical weapons like napalm and cluster bombs and bunker busters and drones and shit. That's the American way. When we kill you, we do it right. America, Fuck Yeah!

There is no doubt this clusterfuck about to happen is a repeat of 2003. What with UN inspectors and chemical weapons and a guy with a mustache we don't like. The only problem here is we used to take years, perhaps a generation to make the same mistake again. Now it takes us like what, a year? Go in, drop a few bombs, kill a few people the good way, send the poor back into a meat grinder, and topple a bad guy so the people can install an even worse asshole.

Yep, way to go. It's happening again. Hey it's not as scandalous as Miley Cyrus, but it sure should be. She stuck her ass where it didn't belong and now we are about to do the same.

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