Saturday, August 10, 2013

Listen To The Music! No Really! Listen!

Another in the line of the Max's Dad and Max's "See Em Before They Die" tour came to town Friday night. The Doobie Brothers hit the stage at around 8:00 PM and played and played and for a solid hour and 45 minutes.Blasting through all the hits, a couple of new songs and a couple of deep cuts that only people like me appreciated (Damn I love Eyes of Silver and Neal's Fandango!). Now I had never ever seen these guys before and given how damn good they are now, I can only imagine how good they were in 1975. So I always You Tube these bands videos from long ago (check out the Doobies from the Midnight Special in 1973) and inevitably decide, Hey Man, these guys are better now. Yeah maybe it's the technology, the better instruments, the experience, the lack of drugs and booze, I don't know but it makes the whole thing that much better. And when your kid loves it as much as you do, well there's nothing better.

Notes from the Doobie Brothers concert:

1) Goddamn, these people are old. Decrepit, overweight and they drink like fish. This is why I avoid mirrors.

2) If you're 50 plus, and in some cases 60 plus, please don't dance like you are at the Fillmore West, high on acid and waiting for the Sir Douglas Quintet to take the stage. You look ridiculous. Swaying and moving is fine, dancing like you hear something totally foreign to what I hear is not.

3)Yeah I know you are happy to be out of the house, with friends, and drunker than a skunk, but when you hear a song you are not familiar with (oh I don't know Take Me In Your Arms or Eyes of Silver), that doesn't give you permission to start hollering at your friends how much fucking fun you are having and how are Cody and Sienna doing in college. Shut the fuck up, some of us are listening.

4)If you are going to smoke weed, go off somewhere where there aren't a lot of people. Somebody fired one up right behind us and though I don't really care if you smoke or not, it made me explain to Max that yes, weed smells that bad no matter what kind it is, no I haven't smoked it since the seeds and stems days, and yes, that guy is probably not treating his glaucoma or anxiety, he's just getting high. And he's 55 years old.

5)Finally, if you are going to an outdoor concert, and you bring your own chairs, you really don't have to get there 2 hours early. This place was jammed at an hour to go mark. Yet, nobody was up front where you had to stand. Had I not brought my own chair, had a stick in the mud kid with me who didn't want to stand, I'd have been up front high fiving Tom Johnston and Patrick Simmons.

Yep, that's it. Love the old guys. They play music with real instruments and play tunes with a hook. What I am not saying is back in my day........Well, yeah I am......See # 1....

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