Saturday, August 24, 2013

Live From The Assisted Living Arena!

There's a guy in the local rag whose job it is to review concerts. The typical review of a band or singer currently drawing crowds (Lil Wayne, Katy Perry) goes as follows:

"The hip young crowd was dancing and singing and loving every second of it"

The typical review for a band playing at a club that holds 500 people that nobody has ever heard of (Matt & Kim, She & Him)goes as follows:

"The hip young crowd was singing and dancing and loving every second of it."

If a band of legends shows up (Dylan, Ozzie) the typical review goes like this:

"Everybody there was really old......."

Fuck him!

Last night two legendary bands came to town and played a three hour marathon of hits that had us old folks singing and dancing when we could get up and off our walkers. The 2013 version of The Guess Who (original member Jim Kale only) and Creedence Clearwater Revisited (original member Stu Cook only)blew the doors off the new arena in Ralston. Yeah, who cares that the original drummer for the Guess Who was sick (well I do hope he gets better actually) and who cares that Doug Clifford of CCR missed his second gig in 50 years due to injury (our luck) cuz these bands played their hits and had everyone in the palm of their hands. Max, perhaps the youngest member of the crowd, got so into it some old hag of maybe 50 asked me, a geezer myself, if I'd forced Max to come? Nope, Granny, he forced me to come cuz the kid digs the oldies. Good for him.

Despite Mister Hipster concert reviewer's snooty opinion that the concert made him "uncomfortable" because he felt like he was watching "tribute bands" and the crowd was so old (maybe he was afraid his CPR skills had slipped) this 3 hour marathon of hits was awesome (is that term still "hip"?). If ya get the chance to see these current versions of these bands at a casino or something, do it. You won't be sorry, unless of course your oxygen runs out while you are moving to Fortunate Son.

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