Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Have A Nightmare!

I was so disappointed at President Obama's speech today 50 years after Martin Luther King dazzled a crowd, or if you're a Bill Buckley Republican, a mob, with eloquence and grace. Oh no, I wasn't let down by anything he said, I was just pissed that a white park ranger wasn't standing behind him holding an umbrella over his head, like they did for Oprah, so the nutjobs could go crazy again. They are already going nuts claiming that MLK was a Republican and how they, the Republicans, let the Negroes vote and shit (that is until they started voting the wrong way). Jesus, Bill O'Reilly channeled MLK and the Good Reverend and Bill enjoyed a long conversation about how goddamned crushed MLK was because O'Reilly-Land, where chicks know their place, and blacks shined Bill's shoes without complaint, and the homos stayed in the closet, and George Zimmerman would be a hero, never came to fruition. Ahh, Billy, the voices in your head are far more interesting than what spews out of that whiskey hole of yours.

Meanwhile, Rushbo was yakking how MLK would have been a good conservative fellow who would tell the Coloreds to sweep streets like Michelangelo and take out the garbage and how Obama was just up there talking about himself cuz Obama is a ego maniacal uppity Negro. Oh Rushbo, you've been spouting off the same nonsense for 25 years and making millions saying the same fucking thing day after day. Better watch it, Rushie, that Michelangelo was a bit light in the loafers. You're just lucky none of your listeners know who Mike Angelo is.

Fox News couldn't wait to get off that celebration of the day everything started downhill in 'Merica. They were so happy when Rafael Nidal or whatever that Mooslim terrorist at Fort Hood's name is was sentenced to eat the needle. A huge sigh of relief came from Roger Ailes' office in between handjobs from blondes when Fox could go back to Islam bashing. And it stopped the hysterical phone calls from viewers thinking the blacks were forming an army to come take their front porch swings from them.

Matt Drudge, the totally not gay conservative web site vomiter, was outraged that the only black United States Senator, some Herman Cain wannabe from South Carolina named Tim Scott, was not invited to the speech. Yeah like he would have come. Nicki Haley wouldn't have let him off the leash. The totally not queer Drudge also posted links to stories on how few people showed up, how the Supremes were compared to the KKK, how the greedy King family makes money off MLK's deeds and words totally unlike Republicans who inherit Daddy's money, and posted a picture of some guy with a bone in his nose which is completely not racist cuz the guy was actually there.

What else did the wingnuts do during the speech besides whack off to Nailin Palin again? Over at Newsmax, they used this day as an excuse to slander Trayvon Martin again and start that whole clusterfuck argument again eventually steering into the Oklahoma killing and the Spokane killing and then climbing back under their rocks with their assault weapon waiting for the race war they want so bad. Over at RedState, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter's site, they just ignored the story and openly rooted for the United States to lose in Syria, much like they did in Iraq and Afghanistan, once Obama took over to clean up their mess. And oh yeah, at the Westboro Baptist Church site, they still hate fags.

Business as usual.

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