Friday, August 23, 2013

Get A Klute!

My goodness this oldie but goodie is swinging around it's irrelevant head again. Jane Fonda,aka Hanoi Jane, is in a movie about a black guy (The Butler) who lived in the White House back before there was a Kenyan Usurper living there and portrays, hold on to your tri corn hats here, Nancy Reagan. Did you say Reagan? Yeah Nancy Reagan, the wife of the sainted Ronnie Reagan. I'll take time now to allow the faint of heart to compose themselves and take a few hits of oxygen.

We good? Cool.

For those of you under the age of ,oh I don't know, about 80, Jane Fonda is an actress. She acts. She gets paid money to act. To be on a stage or in front of a camera pretending to be somebody she's not. You know, like 95% of right wing radio talk show hosts. Jane Fonda's heyday was the 1970's. That's right, the 1970's, back when most of the Tea Party folks were just becoming eligible to get free government money and scooters. The 1970's, when everybody threw keys into a fondue bowl and went home with other people's spouses, people were disco-ing like mad and snorting coke off hooker's asses, wearing tight polyester clothes that would go up in flames at the first touch of a errant cigarette ash, women were burning their bras and Bill O'Reilly was just startin to get down with the chicks! Oh, the 1970's. And Jane Fonda was over-acting her way to two Oscars. The good old days.

But Jane Fonda doesn't start VFW types and 40 year olds who listen to Uncle Joe's boring ass 'Nam stories hair on fire for that crappy Fun With Dick and Jane movie, no sirree Bob. Jane Fonda, in a very strange stooge stage of her life, went to Hanoi in July of 1972, when peace was just about at hand in Vietnam. It was there she called Nixon and Kissinger "war criminals" (yeah so?) and then posed on the seat of an anti-aircraft gun, which was used to shoot at American B52's that were dropping bombs on people. I'm not sure that was all that wise, but nobody ever called Jane Fonda wise. Then she met with American POW's and took messages from them to give to their families back home. Of course, according to the not so bright who believe every e mail they get, she also gave up the messages and the North Vietnamese started beating the shit out of the POW's right in front of a cackling Jane Fonda. Or something like that.

Well anyway, some of these people, still bitter over an illegal and immoral war that ended 40 fucking years ago, don't want you to see The Butler because the traitorous Hanoi Jane is in it. Some theater owner in Kentucky refuses to show it because Jane the Traitor is in it besmirching the legacy of Nancy Reagan, though after looking at this guy I'm not sure he wants "those people" coming to his theater anyway. For the really lonely, there's Facebook pages up denouncing the movie they've never seen where all sorts of not so well thought out and historically inaccurate statements are posted, just like right wing talk radio.

For fuck's sake , in 1985 or 40 years after the end of WW2, nobody gave a shit about Axis Sally or Tokyo Rose (whoooooooo?) why does anybody give a shit what a dumb actress did in 1972. Especially if the dumb actress has apologized hundreds of times for not affecting the war's outcome whatsoever.

Jane Fonda may have been naive' and maybe even stupid in 1972, but in 2013 she has certainly wised up. She told the people who continue to hold on to this 40 year old grudge to "get a life". Really. Please. Before you're dead and the funeral guy can't get the nasty bitter grimace off your mug.

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