Thursday, July 25, 2013

When You Say Budweiser, Five Vendors Descend On You!

St Louis Day 2. Goddamn it's hot and humid here. You sweat just opening a door, like a fat guy at Culvers, oh yeah I said that. It's another Phillies-Cardinals game tonite.

Notes from Bud Town Day 2:

1) The Arch is cool to look at from the ground. Once you get in there, they take $10 and jam you and 4 others into a soup can, slam the door and make you spend 4 minutes trying not to panic as you ascend the Arch. Once you get up there you get to look out a tiny window on the vast sauna that is St.Louis. Snap a few pics and you are ready to go back down. In that soup can. I shudder to think if it got stuck. Like I said, the Arch is great to look at, from the ground.

2)Unlike Marquette, St Louis University is NOT in the middle of the 'hood and is actually very cool looking. I have no idea why the Jesuits decided to place every university they run right in the middle of less than desirable neighborhoods, except St Louis I guess.

3) Chris Rock once warned us that if you find yourself on Martin Luther King Boulevard , you better leave. We found ourselves on MLK Blvd and left. Dodging the burned out buildings.

4)In the good seats at Busch Stadium, in something called the Redbird Club, are padded seats and a great view of the field behind home plate. Once again, no hot dogs unless you want that fucking basket.

5)The Phillies suck.

6) Good thing I get twitter and knew the Phils called some guy named Steve Susdorf cuz when he made his major league debut and grounded into one of three double plays, I could keep up the I'm from Philly routine by saying yeah he's a career minor leaga.

7) Cardinal fan is so polite they even applauded a guy (Susdorf) making his debut. Maybe Cardinal fan is so astute they knew he's just kill a Phillie rally.

8) Cardinal fans like it when Budweiser plays that ad featuring the Dalmatian and clap along to that flippin annoying Budweiser song.

9)There were no homers again and the Cards won 3-1. Thus the best players in baseball are still Kipnis, Jesus, Jhonny and the St.Louis Cardinals entire 40 man roster.

That's it. Tomorrow it's a harrowing trip through rural Missouri. I can hear the banjos in the wind.

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