Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Children Of Women!

Oh dear, do these mental midgets who were elected by other mental midgets back in 2010 when their GPS's all worked perfectly and they made it to the polls while the rest of us sat around in our Obama induced stupor smoking dope, eating Kenyan dishes, and reading the Communist Manifesto in between every 15 minute naps. Yep, the government leeching we hate government types ignored their own hypocrisies and ran off to vote for some of the dumbest creatures on two legs that have ever sought power. And they won. Whaaaaaaaaat?

So now, in their death throes, these Republican dimbulbs have finally decided to do what they were sent to their various mouth breathing legislatures to do. Create jobs and cut the deficit. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! I crack myself up sometimes.

Create jobs? Shit, we already have one and most of the knuckle draggers who voted us in don't need a job cuz they are already sucking up Socialism Security and gettin that government mandated health care they want to deny everybody else. Cut the deficit? Of course! The lazy shiftless segment of society, politically correct term "the poor", need to be starved and homeless so they finally go out and get a damn job and start paying their own way at that $8 an hour companies so graciously hand out. So no more feeding your kids you shouldn't have had cuz you sluts keep having sex 6 or 7 times a day with menfolk who are unable to resist your temptress ways. Tramps!

And now, before these nitwits all get voted back to the fields where they belong in 2014, they must not only cut the bastard children of their states off at the knees, they must punish the harlots who had sex and got pregnant. These harpies, who these legislators totally don't want to bang, need to be forced to bear the satanist child and then get a fucking job to support the devil child that they totally love. If you don't get employed like two minutes after you have run up the $30K hospital bill? Fuck you AND that child we all love. Starve. Die. We don't care. That's your problem cuz that's what our lord and savior Jesus Christ taught us. So got a problem? Take it up with Jesus you stinkin trollop!

Meanwhile 2014 cannot come fast enough. So get off the couch this time.

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