Monday, July 15, 2013

Where's My Billion Dollar Bill In My Album?

Back in 1973 or 1974, I don't remember, my concert experiences had been a rocking set by Deep Purple and for some inexplicable reason I'm not really sure of now, a crazy night of Black Oak Arkansas. Then Alice Cooper showed up at a dump in Lincoln called Pershing Auditorium (yeah it was a dump then too). Alice Cooper was on a roll, and apparently a lot of beer as my 17 year old self witnessed my first real "rock show". Alice chopped up babies, he got electrocuted, he was hanged, he played with a giant snake, and he got his head chopped off. It was great. But I kept wondering what the hell was wrong with him as he staggered and seemed a bit odd. Oh yeah, he was drunk. Not Jerry Jeff Walker drunk (that's a whole different story on that concert) but still a bit out of it.

40 years (EEEEK!!) later I took Max to see Alice Cooper on Saturday night. Jesus Christ, the now sober Alice still brings it. Bellowing Hello Hurray and walking thru a waterfall of flame, the now 65 year old Alice Cooper took the stage twirling a cane, dressed in top hat and tails and much like 40 years ago (eeeek!)I was hooked again. I saw myself in Max as he was captivated by the first real "rock show" he was witnessing. But hell, I was also loving this crazy showman killing it. Alice played with the snake, got electrocuted, threw money, and had his head chopped off just like old times.
Then after he "died" Alice and his band did a tribute to his "dead drunk friends". Break on Through for Jim, Revolution for John, Foxy Lady for Jimi, and My G G G Generation for Keith. You know, Moon.

End with a little School's Out with a little Brick in the Wall thrown in and you have a 90 minute thrill ride any old guy can appreciate. Throw in a tight band, a 10 foot Frankenstein, and a Medicare eligible maniac and it's a thrill ride any 16 year old can appreciate also.


EboTebo said...

Lessee, first "Rock" show,....Seattle, August 1970, ELP and Edgar Winters White Trash. ELP sucked, I see no reason to carry a Hammond B-3 on ones back,.....but now, Edgar Winter, there was some good ol' screamin' there!

EboTebo said...

What! No "Quodlebet for Tenderfeet" for Jerry??? I am shocked!!!