Saturday, July 6, 2013

Profiles In Cowardice!

Man, I really hate droning on about these laws being passed by various teabag dominated legislatures that create jobs and cut state spending but I cannot stop because they keep passing them and whomever the mouth breathing kochsucker who is running the state keeps signing them.

Friday, while most of America was hung over or trying to glue their missing digit back on, the bastion of courage running the progressive state of Wisconsin, Scooter Walker, signed one of those create jobs and cut spending bills that makes Wisconsin wimmen folk open their legs and submit to Walker's big vibrating rod before they can get that perfectly legal abortion. How does this create jobs and cut spending? Fuck if I know. You'd have to ask the teabaggers who won office in 2010 and promised to do nothing except create jobs and cut spending.

Now we all know that the Tea Party is full of lying sacks of dried up dog shit but who knew the bags were also full of chicken shit as well? Scooter Walker, as well as whatever teabagger dumbfuck runs the so called "Smart" Carolina, have all signed these laws that will soon be blocked by any judge with an IQ of 80, in the dead of night or on days when nobody pays attention.

Walker's law will force a woman seeking a legal abortion to endure a medically unnecessary ultrasound and then have some technician point to the blob of whatever they see and say hey, here's it's fingers and here's its liver, and here's its heart and here's its spleen, uhhhhhhh, I think. At which point all women will run screaming from the clinic, go home and give birth, and the state of Wisconsin will then say, hey you fucking slut, stop having babies you can't afford. No food stamps, No WIC, no nuthin! Ahhhhhhh, Wisconsin paradise.

For some reason, Walker, Kasich, Perry, Brownback, and whomever the rubes who run North Dakota and Arkansas are all think they will be the Savior of the Republican Party come 2016 when they run against the she devil Hillary.

Oh let us hope so. You assholes have been reading Sarah Palin's incomprehensible Facebook rantings too much and somehow think because that Wicked Witch of the North's views gibe with your, all women love you!

Sorry, Goober, but that Sarah on the horizon you think all women agree with isn't the Palin-ator. It's Sarah Connor coming to kick your asses.

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