Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mommy, That Man's Picture Scares Me!

Oh calm down Bahhhhhhhstan! You sons of bitches showed yourselves to be as tough as Noo Yawkers were after 9/11 and now because a dying magazine (which of course I subscribe to) puts a glamour shot of White Hat on the cover, you all curl up in the fetal position and cry just like you did when da Bruins got punked by Chicaaaaago a few weeks back.

Seriously, there is really nothing I really could care less about here, except maybe if Rolling Stone put that squinty eyed no talent Taylor Swift on the cover. Oh, they did? Now I'm fucking outraged!

There are a substantial number of people in this nation who belong to a club that thinks if you ignore murderers like Jokar or Holmes or whatever the fuck that NRA poster boy up in Connecticut was named, or Zimmerman that they will all just go away. The old stick your head in the sand argument aint makin it any longer. These guys will keep killing and killing and killing until we do something about it other than get our knickers in a big wad over a picture on a cover of a magazine. You know, like mental health treatment, gun control, or actually listening to when the priest or rabbi or mullah or pastor tells you to start treating people like you want to be treated. That is, if you can stay awake long enough through all that other bullshit to get that far.

Putting this guy on the cover of a magazine is a non event. Until a bunch of whiny ass Sawwwwwwx fans went all Houston Astros over this thing. It's the beginning of the end, Bahhhhhhhstan . Officially, your weaselly reaction to a picture of the big bad boogie man will start the Sawwwwwwwwx on their way to oblivion. Thanks a lot, Chowderheads. You probably just made the goddamned Yankees AL East Champions.

It's all a matter of toughness. Noo Yawkers told Osama Bin Laden (oops sorry Bawwston, I mentioned his name) to shove it up his ass. You former wicked pissas went all retahded by cowering in your bunkahs at the picture of a 19 year old killah. Nut up!

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