Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bingo! B37 Wins It For George!

I have a 16 year old son. He likes Skittles, iced tea not so much but you can't keep a Diet Mt Dew out of his hands, and owns two hoodies, a dark Beatles hoodie and a Kansas Jayhawks hoodie. To think that on a dark night, a bitter vigilante thug like George Zimmerman could see him walking around and shoot him with no consequences chills me to the bone. Now, of course my hoodie wearing son is white so there's no chance a loony like Zimmerman would do that but to the many millions of black parents of teen aged boys it's fucking real.

I made the mistake of watching the interview with Juror B37 online and the indifference and lack of empathy shown by this woman is breathtaking. The woman, who had a book deal that has now been thankfully crushed, was ,in my opinion, lying her ass off the entire time she yakked at Anderson Cooper. I believe that this woman had "not guilty" in her head from the get go. If you've seen the voir dire of her on Gawker you'd hear her say she doesn't read the newspaper, in fact she uses it to let her parrot shit on. She doesn't like the media cuz it's all skewed (except for Fox I'm sure), she knows nothing about Trayvon Martin except he's a "boy of color" (hey is this Paula Deen??) and "knew" there were "riots" in Sanford after Trayvon was whacked but that the authorities "had it pretty well organized". Yeah B37,, organized riots. Ok great, this dope got on the jury? I guess that knock knock joke misogynist attorney Don West told wasn't funny because it was aimed at B37 and meant to be serious! My question is if B37 was acceptable to the prosecution, what in the name of holy hell did they object to?

Stop with the the jury had no choice bullshit. There are people executed in Florida on flimsier evidence than this case had. The simple fact of the matter is George Zimmerman is one dangerous fuck. He was arrested in 2005 for battery of a police officer, accused in 2005 of domestic violence. Hey if it quacks like a duck, right? And this guy was allowed to walk by Juror B37 because he had his "heart in right place". Yeah, Trayvon Martin's heart was also in the right place. Right in front of a maniac's gun.

I made the mistake of seeing Trayvon Martin's death scene picture online. I would suggest if you have a child, do not look it up. I cannot get it out of my mind. After seeing it, I am convinced it was Trayvon's voice screaming for help on that tape. Sorry, Juror B37, the high pitched screaming is not that of a 250 pound adult, but of a kid. But we all know, probably led by your attorney husband, you had it in your head all along how to turn the death of that "boy of color" into a fucking cash grab. You do not fool me, B37. I know white people like you. I work with white people like you.

But I also work with fine black mothers and fathers who are were scared shitless their kids would be killed by their fellow kids, or the police. NOW, in addition, they have to worry about Paul Blarts out there with a license to kill thanks to people like Juror B37 who think an armed vigilante and an unarmed 17 year old are on equal footing.

Thanks, Florida, once again you have shown yourselves to be clueless dopes. But what other state would elect a Medicare fraudster like Rick "Voldemort" Scott as Governor?

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