Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Technical Knockout!

This is getting sad. I haven't seen this bad a beating since Steve King (Moron-Ia) took on linear thinking. Mittens Romney cannot possibly want to be President. No man throws a match like this without trying. Romney is the Republican Black Sox scandal in the making. There has to be a reason Mittens is not spending any of his own money on this debacle. Well for one, he doesn't have to. His billionaire puppet masters are footing that bill. The other reason has to be the fact that Mittens Romney doesn't want to be President. Stay with me here.

While Paul Ryan was squeaking his way through that lying sack of shit speech at the Republican convention and mentioned Romney's name, Mittens sat there with a look on his face that screamed, "I don't wanna do this!" What must it be like for Romney? A man without a principled bone in his body. A man who lives in the shadow of his father and mother, both of whom were admirable people. Mittens, pushed by his superiors to be somebody, to win win win at any cost. Mittens Romney, pushed by his never worked a day in her life wife, to be somebody he aint. A leader. Mittens Romney has bought everything he's ever had in life, whether it be a dying company he can rape of all its remaining assets, whether its a Governorship, whether it's a wife, and now the Presidency. But sorry, Mittens, this is beyond buying. You have to convince 50.1% of people you actually give a shit about anybody but yourself. It aint working. Oh there's the ignorant, the racists, the plutocrats, the self loathing, the fetus worshippers and the genetic Republicans. But that doesn't add up, Mittens, because you are so fucking unlikable. Your awkwardness, your social instability and your pathological lying are getting the better of you. Come on, Willard, you really don't want to win, do you?

Soon enough, Willard Mitt Romney will join the ranks of Bob Dole, Michael Dukakis, Adlai Stevenson, and well, Mitt Romney in the list of losers who tried not very hard to win the Presidency. And that's the problem, Mittens, you don't know what it's like to work hard for something. If you want to to know what it's like to bust your ass, ask that 47% of the people you loathe so much. They'll tell you. Right before they get the pleasure of kicking you in the balls on November 6th.

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