Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Can We Give Alaska Back To Russia?

Jesus, I know I said this nitwit's name would never be typed again but I cannot help it. Never in a million years did I think this dumb woman would still be around opening her hillbilly yap making an complete ass of herself and the dumb people who think the verbal diarrhea that comes out of her piehole is wisdom. Pfew.....once again how does she talk unendingly without breathing like that? No wonder The Fab Five didn't mind the gillion hour trip to Alaska 20 years ago.

Hey Sarah. I got two words for you. Shut the fuck up! The fact you give Hannity a boner is the only reason you're still allowed on the air on Fox anyway, but Mark Zuckerberg needs to be beaten with hoodie cords for inventing Facebook and letting you vomit out the ignorant ramblings you post on that social disease of a media site on a daily basis. Your sarcastic, humorless (you are not funny, Sarah, you just think you are) postings make most of us ignore you. You are not funny, Sarah. Just because you beat the raging Michelle Malkin in the funny department doesn't mean you are funny. It just means that Malkin is even more humorless than you. Malkin doesn't even try and that makes your attempts less difficult. And you still fail miserably.

Sarah Palin, four people died in Libya as the result of a bunch of fucking maniacs doing whatever it is they do. And you, Sarah Palin, try to make political light of it by blaming the President? By lying. By sarcasm. By ignorance. Who actually listens to your idiocy any longer? Russell Brand may be crude but he was 100% correct. The only reason anyone listens to you any longer is because they want to bang you. How does that feel?

Sarah, you are a joke. A blip in history. The worst thing ever forced into American politics. Thanks, Gramps, for that. And I have two more words for you. Go Fuck Yourself.

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