Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is Romney More Like Thurston Howell III or Gilligan?

Is this Republican asshole trying to lose? Is Duke Mittens of Mormonsky so out of his league he's blowing it on purpose? Does he really even want to be President? Is he like Dubya, so desperate to please his father, he's biting off more than he can chew?

Now we all know this elitist prick believes everything we think he believes. That half of America are "takers" and the other half are "makers". That he, Prince Willard of Footinmouthville, is well above the unwashed masses and should be given the Presidency as a birthright. That his spouse, Ann, The Princess of Tuna Township, deserves her elevation to First Lady as a matter of protocol. That the so called 47% who pay no income taxes are moochers and leeches who force him to foot the bill for their lavish lifestyle. That is, IF he pays any fucking income taxes himself.

You know that 47%? The elderly, the working poor, the guy who got his leg blown off in Iraq, the working poor, more working poor, and of course, Mittens Fucking Romney and his millionaire tax cheats. Look, this 47% bullshit has been around for years. Oh it may technically accurate, that 47% pay no federal income taxes but trust me, the 47% pay FAR more in taxes as a percentage of their meager income than King Mitt and Queen Ann ever thought of paying. State tax, sales tax, property tax, gas tax,phone tax, city tax, this tax and that tax. You know, the kind of taxes that jackoffs like Romney and his buddies don't even concern themselves with. But of course, to Romney and his "donors",as long as they portray that 47% as a group of tap dancing, shiftless unemployed blood suckers they keep the Republican base of hateful bigots up in arms.

Now it's a well know fact that the vast majority of the "47%" live in red states. You know, Red States, those places that regularly vote Republican, holler about the welfare cheats, hate the gays, hate the "urban" areas, and suck up more federal tax money than any of the blue states ever thought of? You know those places? They are called Romney's base voter. Thrown the curve ball of Jesus, racism, guns and the blame game, they vote Republican everytime as the same people they love pick their pockets clean. It really is amazing.

Mitt Romney really does believe this shit. That $350K for speaking fees is not a lot of money. That Swiss bank accounts are patriotic because they are "legal". That paying not one cent more in taxes than he is legally responsible for is perfectly moral. That knowing Nascar "owners" somehow makes him a regular guy. That Ann Romney driving a "couple of Cadillacs " makes him a supporter of the American car industry. That firing people is a pleasure. That he really does not have to be concerned about the very poor. That his being "unemployed" makes him understand the unemployed. That corporations are people my friend. That "middle class" means making $250K a year. That making a $10K bet with an opponent is like me putting 2 across the board on the 6 horse. And hanging with kooks like Steve King is not batshit insanity.

Let us all hope that Mittens Romney has finally closed the coffin lid on his candidacy. And if we are smart, we pound the nails in fast before that vampire Paul Ryan realizes what happened.

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