Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not So Pretty Hate Machine!

Oh how they hated him. Don't let the modern day version of these Republican pricks fool you. They hayyyyyyy-ted Bill Clinton from the start back in 1992. When he kicked GHWB out of the White House after the election of 1992 they kicked into high gear. The same don't let him get anything done bullshit started then too. The hate was intense. There was an entire magazine (The American Expectorator or something) funded by the 1992 version of the Kochs, Richard Mellon Scaife, that tried to bring Bill Clinton down the same way Lord Romney of Kolob and his pet rat Lyin Ryan of Janesville are attempting to bring President Obama down. By making shit up.

Remember the "crack pipes" hanging on the White House Christmas tree? The Troopers in Arkansas paid to lie about Clinton's antics. Hillary killed Vince Foster. That weaselly FBI agent who wrote the book about what goes on in that White House? The Clinton hit list? Mena drug runs? The Arkansas Project? Paula Jones? Whitewater?

Oh they hated him. And he kicked their ass. He kicked it last night again. And Sean Hannity still hates him, crowing about Monica Lewinsky (yawwwwwwwwwwwn) yet again last night and today. Hannity lied about the "lies" he claims Clinton told last night. Yeah, it was all Republicans that led to 8 years of peace and prosperity in the 1990's. But now, it's the President who is responsible for economic doldrums. Sean is a pinhead, a liar and a pinhead.

How can one party hate so much? All their hate is directed now at Obama. But Bill Clinton brought back the old feelings last night. Blowjob! Blowjob! Blowjob! Black guy! Blowblack! Black job!....and their fucking heads explode.

The hatred against Obama isn't the same kind of hatred that Clinton experienced. Clinton hatred is based on bitter old white people hating hippies, anti war hippies, drug taking hippies, and especially sexually active hippies getting more than they ever dreamed of getting. These Clinton haters were the same people who loved Nixon, Up With People, The Lettermen, Patton, and John Wayne. Clinton was that long haired hippie who was just too damned smart for his own good. He didn't have any of that Midwestern common sense that retards your growth as a human being. Bill Clinton was a player. His detractors were not.

Obama haters are much more primal. They just hate him because he represents the new reality that whitey aint running everything anymore. They are losing their grip and goddamnit, they don't like it. Just look at the people at the Republican convention. Overwhelmingly old, white and decidedly square. Convinced by other old, white opportunists making gobs of money that it's not their fault their incomes have fallen, their influence is waning, their kids don't give a shit if somebody is gay and their God is dead, they cling to the belief that if only they replace Obama the negro socialist commie with a Mormon puppet that somehow blacks will return to their side of town, the hispanics will return to Mexico, the homos will go back in the closet and their boners will return.

Hatred is a wasted emotion. I find myself hating at times. But only when certain slime that cannot be dealt with in any other way grace my presence. The Rush's, the Nugents, The O'Reillys, the Palins, the New York Yankees. Oh how I hate. Then I get over it. It's not worth the stress.

What must it be like to hate like they hate? The Clinton haters, the Obama haters, the Hillary haters (who will be back soon enough), the illegal haters, the gay haters, the Free Republic crazies who hate themselves?

Bill Clinton said it best last night. He doesn't hate you. He learned the power of letting it go from a guy who spent 35 years in jail for his political views, Nelson Mandela. Mandela is a saint. Oh I know, you assholes hate him too. But Bill Clinton doesn't hate you. Because of that, YOU LOSE!

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