Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another Nail In The Coffin!

This is what it's come to? Crazy Caucasians hanging empty chairs from trees? There's some sort of deep seeded psychological meaning to these people's actions I am sure, but this isn't clever, funny, nor even legal. The Secret Service will be visiting these assholes and then the oppressed white male christian straight dumbshit will cry about the big bad government trampling on his right to free expression of his neanderthal views. Sean Hannity will rise to his defense, Bill O'Reilly will wave it off as another prank from Dick Pinch of Cedar Rapids, and Rush will just wonder why he's a fat slob hiding in a bunker talking to another empty chair he named Snerdly.

Really? Eastwooding? This is what it's called? Hanging an empty chair from a tree because you really wish you could go back to the good old days of higher taxes and lynching Negroes? Hey, idiots, I really think Clint Eastwood was punking that stiff you are going to vote for. He took all the attention away from whoever that nominee was by acting like Abe Simpson. Come on, Dirty Harry knew what he as doing. He was killing Mitt Romney's chances. I am convinced of it.

Clint Eastwood at age 82 could kick all of your asses. Now you have to ask yourself a question, is my IQ 6 or 7?

Stay stupid my friends.

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