Friday, September 14, 2012

Lying Is Ok In The Book Of Mormon, I Guess!

So much for that jobs jobs jobs shit. The economy. Yeah right! That all failed so Romney and his right wing talk show and news network surrogates have gone back to basics. Just start lying. And lie about stuff that scares the shiite out of America's dumber class of folks. Like those Mooslims. You know, like Obama the Muslin furriner who openly kills Muslins so you get all complacent and then he lets em all in the back door and the next thing you know your local 7-11 is crawling with them.

The conservative media ,along with their profiteering chickenshit cohorts in the "lame stream" media are pushing the lies that are being told about this whole Islamic rioting deal that makes soulless pricks like Mittens Romney and his pet rat Paulie so happy. You know, the lie about Obama knowing about the coming ransacking of the Libyan consulate and subsequent murder of the ambassador. Fueled by Murdoch's British trash tabloids and by closet case Matt Drudge along with Sean Hannity and the rest of the liars of the right, the lie is a sign of desperation. But they keep coming. Like a raging monkey, these Hannitys and Drudges throw all their shit at you hoping some of it will stick and some of it will. No, there are no "Osama Attacking US on 9/11 by flying in planes in Twin Towers" type memos out there, though I'm sure Sheriff Joe is at Kinkos right now.

So the lies told by this Mormon phony and his Ayn Randian college boyfriend will keep coming. Obama apologized to Egypt. Obama thanked the Libyans for killing Chris Stevens. Obama cowered under the Oval Office desk. You know, same old shit all going back to the "hey the guy has a funny name and he's kind of dark and he talks in big words and his wife hates America and he was born on Mars and he's Muslim and hates white people".

The worst thing about this is the complicity of the regular media. More content with making millions on political ads than telling the truth, these assholes have more than a rooting interest in keeping this race close. More revenue means job security for total tools like Erin Burnett, or Wolf Blitzer. Much like defense contractors and the Haliburtons, these greedheads thrive on crisis. It's their job. So fuck them too.

I hate going all Nazi on these Republican liars by comparing them to Joe Goebbels so I won't. To paraphrase Fox News, "But some people say........."

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