Tuesday, September 4, 2012

MIchelle Do Tell!

For chrissakes, her story is nothing compared to that poor Ann Romney and her $62 a month apartment she shared with Mittens who had to sell stock and eat the mock crab now and then. The poor Romneys had to patch carpet samples together to make their tenement apartment presentable while the Obamas were paying a mortgage AND student loans. Hey, who's the rich people here anyway?

Sorry, Michelle. You aint foolin anybody anymo'. The Romneys pulled themselves up from the depths of the mean streets of Provo while the Obamas were living in that high falutin south side of Chicago paying a mortgage and stuff.

I know let's just settle it by pitting Michelle and that Olympic fast marathoner Paul Ryan in a foot race for 26 miles! Ryan would mop the floor with Michelle because he runs that Olympic record time. Unless he gets a back ache and stumbles home in well over 4 hours.

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