Tuesday, September 11, 2012

15 Is Also The Ohio Republican Average IQ!

OK, 15% of Ohio Republicans think Mittens had more to do with whacking Bin Laden than Barack Obama? 37% more percent of them don't know or aren't sure? This has GOT to be a Republican sense of humor at work but as we all know they have no sense of humor since their idea of funny is a fat guy in a bunker in Florida talking to an invisible phone screener named Snerdly. This is why Clint Eastwood made them laugh so hard. It's the Republican base, old white guys talking to invisible people.

But seriously, they have got to be fucking with us. 15% of them actually answered that stupid ass question that way? Better yet, the 37% who said they weren't sure aren't even fast enough on their feet to be absurd.

My goodness, what other questions would these people answer so asinine that it makes us double digit IQ types laugh.

1) Who gets more credit for the Holocaust? Hitler or Barack Obama?

2) What is the capital of Kenya? Nairobi or Obamaville?

3) What state was Obama born in? Hawaii or Jakarta?

4) What color are the black helicopters that will come take your guns? Black like Allan West or Black like Obama?

5) Who shot George Wallace? Arthur Bremer or 10 year old Obama?

6) Who was responsible for Ohio State's football cheating scandal? Jim Tressel or Barack Obama

7) Who do you hate more? Michigan or Obama?

8) Who set Lake Erie on fire back in the 60's? Polluters or 7 year old Obama?

9) Pete Rose is being kept out of the Hall of Fame by whom? Bud Selig or Barack Obama?

10) Why does John Boehner cry so much? Because he's a drunken lout or because of Barack Obama?

11) Who was more responsible for the 2008 economy collapse? George Bush or Barack Obama? (that one may go to 100%)

12) Who beat the shit out of John McCain in Hanoi? The North Vietnamese or a 3 year old Barack Obama?

13) The Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Indians all suck because of who? Their incompetent cheapskate owners or Barack Obama?

14) Who is more responsible for Ohio Republicans being so goddamned stupid? Themselves or Barack Obama

15) Who will be more responsible for Barack Obama winning Ohio in November? Osama Bin Laden or Mitt Romney?

Come on Ohio, you're better than that. On the other hand, no wonder the mascot of your state university is a poisonous nut.

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